Stylish Ideas For Women’s Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats are cool for a lot of reasons.

They look good on just about anyone, they’re rugged and durable in all types of weather. Plus, they just have that “cool” factor. If you’re a woman who’s looking to wear one–especially in dressier settings–you may be wondering what the best option is. Don’t worry: we’ve got you covered.

Finding the right womens cowboy hats is all about owning your style. Here’s how to choose the perfect cowboy hat for women like you!

Stylish Ideas For Women’s Cowboy Hats

Western Brim Style

Western brim-style cowboy hats for women are a hot trend this season. There are plenty of online retailers who sell these types of hats. You can purchase them individually or as part of a hat and accessory set.

Western brim style materials include straw, felt, and straw/felt combination styles. For women who want to add a little cowboy flair to their wardrobe without having the whole outfit covered in leather, western hat prints offer an ideal solution. You can wear western styles on casual days at home or when going shopping.

You can wear Western brim hats with jeans, or to a country music concert. With so many choices available for womens hats, it is hard to decide on only one style. That can make finding the right hat more of an enjoyable shopping experience rather than a chore.

Casual Womens Cowboy Hats

There are a lot of casual designs when it comes to cowboy hats for women. This includes business and casual styles with a relaxed crown shape. The relaxed shape allows for a comfortable fit with a loose brim, finished with a suede leather hatband. Casual styles can be ordered in a variety of colors and fabrics including tweed, felt, straw and straw/felt combinations. They are designed to look great with jeans or even when worn with business attire for a more formal occasion.

Western Dress Womens Hats

Some want the finishing touch of womens cowboy hats when wearing western style dresses or skirts. Styles come with a western print or colors such as brown, black, and grey. Ladies will feel comfortable wearing these hats without worrying about them getting in their way of looking fabulous.

Vintage Women Cowboy Hats

If you look back over the years at Dolly Parton’s iconic styles, you’ll see how a cowboy hat can suit almost every look! Some women want cowboy hats that are designed to look like the variety of styles worn by country singers like Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.

Vintage hats come with a rounded crown shape and a straight brim that is finished in an eye-catching way. They include a Texan hatband, which is attached using decorative stitching along the sides, so the hatband is hidden from view. The style is designed to be worn by women who want to add a little western flair to their wardrobe without wearing an entire outfit made of leather, including boots and belts.

Stylish Ideas For Women’s Cowboy Hats

Exploring Womens Hat Styles

As you can see, there’s a ton of different womens cowboy hats to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a casual style, or want to dress up for a special occasion, there’s a hat for everyone.

Since every great hat deserves a great outfit, start putting together an outfit you can fall in love with. Remember, you can use Dolly Parton for inspiration. Then, all you’ll need are a few accessories and you’ll be good to go! For more tips, check out the rest of our site.