7 Reasons To Rescue A Cat

Are you looking for a new cat to add to your home?

A cat can improve a home in many ways. Most keep a home free of pests, catching and killing them before they reproduce. They also keep children occupied and can even boost their self-confidence by improving their social interactions.

When looking for cats, most look at the kitties displayed in pet shops. Their cuteness makes them a popular choice among people. However, a good few know that it’s better to rescue a cat instead.

Reasons To Rescue A Cat

Cat ownership brings tons of challenges that pet adoption will solve. Since only a few people know the benefits of adoption, you can still find yourself undecided, not knowing if it’s for you. To convince you, read what we’ve prepared below and know the joy of adopting a cat.

  1. They Help You Save Money

The best thing about rescuing cats is that they already come with updated shots. Most cats in adoption centers are ones who had homes before. They’re often abandoned or given away by their previous owners because of incompatibilities in their homes.

Cats in such scenarios had vaccines before, meaning you need not pay for as many vaccines to update their papers. Some centers even update their shots every year to ensure they’re as healthy as they can be. The same also applies to the strays they pick up along the way.

Adoption centers even spay or neuter their cats. Doing so helps reduce the strays they need to deal with. It’s another expense that you need not worry about when you rescue a cat.

Centers do this because they prioritize having their pets re-homed. Vaccinated and fixed cats are more appealing because it means they’re low maintenance. New owners need only focus on feeding and caring for the cat this way.

  1. Rescued Cats are Healthier

Apart from having updated shots, rescued cats are often healthier than those in pet stores. It’s because the cats in pet stores aren’t purebreds. Purebred cats are attractive, but they’re prone to different sicknesses.

This happens because genetic disorders are common among felines. Cats can inherit heart diseases, gingivitis, and even patellar luxation from their parents. The only way to avoid this is by mixing breeds with other cats.

Most of the cats you’ll see in any adoption center are hybrids. One of their parents is a stray, making them less susceptible to medical issues. What’s great is that most cats keep the features of their purebred parent, making attractive hybrids.

  1. Stress Relief

Cats can help improve your mental health. They can do so by being a playful element in your home. Playing with cats influences the mind, calming people down.

They also help by providing companionship when you’re at your lowest point. Cats and other pets can sense the moods of their owners. Pets from adoption centers fine-tuned this sense because they interact with more people and animals than those raised in pet stores.

Good owners will find themselves comforted by a furry companion when they need it the most. It’s a brilliant answer to depression, anxiety, and stress. Loneliness is no longer an issue if you have a cat around the house, too.

  1. Improved Physical Health

Cats can help improve your physical well-being, too. When a cat purrs, it sends vibrations throughout its body that stimulate healing. Having a cat purr while laying on top of you can stimulate your body to heal itself, too.

These heal bones and connective tissues that you’ve torn while working out or in an accident. Because cats from shelters are ready to warm up to humans, they’re likely to settle next to you and purr immediately.

  1. Rescued Cats Have Great Personalities

Most people think all cats are the same, loving the same things and acting the same way. What they fail to understand is that, like humans, each cat has a unique personality. It’s why adopting a kitten isn’t as great as many think.

You have no way of knowing how it will grow up. Even when provided with amazing living conditions, a cat can be mischievous if it’s in its nature.

If you go to a shelter to adopt a cat, you can get a lot of information about its personality. Cats reveal their nature the older they get. Handlers spend a lot of time with them, allowing them to get to know the cats better.

Because of this, they can recommend a cat to complement your personality. What’s great is that the older cats are patient, too. They can co-exist with other humans and animals, making for a peaceful home.

  1. It’s Easier to Rescue an Animal

Adopting a cat is always easier than buying a new one because there are tons of shelters across the country. Each shelter has tons of cats for you to choose from, too. It’s a guarantee that you’ll find a cat even if you have specific preferences.

Looking for an older cat to care for the younger ones you have? There are tons of seniors in a shelter in your area.

Searching for cats with specific coats, like dilute calicos? You will find many in your local shelter. Finding what you want in a pet shop is much harder since shop owners often prioritize having the most popular breeds for sale.

  1. You Save a Life

By rescuing a cat, you’re saving a life. As mentioned above, some owners leave cats in the streets, abandoning them. These cats face intense trauma from the shock of having to live in the streets all of a sudden.

Taking them in and caring for them means they won’t ever face that again. Adopting a cat also means you’re saving a life in a literal sense.

Some states force shelters to euthanize their animals if they get too old. Rescuing the older pets gives them a chance to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

Reasons To Rescue A Cat

Rescue a Cat Today

Deciding how you should get a new cat relies on a ton of factors. Regardless, you’ll solve all potential problems if you rescue a cat instead of buying one. Rescue a pet and improve your home’s vibe today!

Rescuing a pet isn’t the only way you can bring some life into your home. Check out more of our guides to learn how else you can improve and manage your home today!