Arizona Firefighters Rescue A Golden Retriever Stuck In A Four Foot Hole

Arizona Firefighters Rescue A Golden Retriever Stuck In A Four Foot Hole

All dogs have a tendency to chase things as it replicates their pastime of how they used to hunt for their prey. The ball is an item dogs love, specifically, since it’s easy to chase and fit in their mouth. Well, Quinn, a golden retriever from Scottsdale, Arizona is just one of them. Unfortunately, fetching the ball did not end quite well for Quinn.

It was one of those days when Quinn and her owner Angela Olson-Myers were playing fetch with a ball. Overly excited Quinn chased the ball into a four-feet hole where she had crawled down into it, not realizing she had no way of getting out of it.

Quinn’s owner Angela knew something was wrong when she heard whining and spotted her canine friend stuck in the hole four feet deep.

Angela immediately called for help and within minutes the heroic firefighters of Arizona came to the rescue.

Cap. Mike Virgradamo of the Arizona firefighters department reportedly stated that it took them about 20 minutes to dig around Quinn which was about a total of 30 minutes of Quinn stuck in the hole. After a few seconds, they succeed ed in freeing the golden retriever.

Quinn crawled out wagging her tail in appreciation and shrugged off the dirt off of her.

The video gained over 250,000 views and over 2700 likes. Some showered the firefighters with praise, while some were concerned if the golden retriever got her ball back. Well, that’s still unclear though.

Watch the rescue in the videos below:

Source: Angela Olson-Myers

Source: 12 News