Boy Who Misses His Deployed Dad Goes To Neighbor With Sweet Request To Help Out

Boy Who Misses His Deployed Dad Goes To Neighbor With Sweet Request To Help Out

It’s very important to get the kids involved with household work for many reasons, from the young age. Getting the kids to help out with gardening, cooking, cleaning etc. not only teaches them household work, but it also teaches them to be independent and self-reliant, while strengthening the bond between family members. Read through this heartwarming story of a little boy who goes to help his neighbor with yard work, as his father, who he used to work with, is away.

Brian Kelly, a little boy from the United States, was used to doing yard work and playing outside with his dad, who was deployed to Syria, unfortunately. When he saw his neighbors, the Cravens, doing yard work, he couldn’t help but to go to them and request to help them. Dean Craven, knowing too well that Brian is missing his dad, happily welcomed him to work together.

It’s evident that doing something Brian used to do with his dad might be some sort of a help to relieve his pain and misery!

What started with Brian’s sweet request has now gone a long way! He now comes over to work with the Cravens everyday, and Dean is more than happy about it. Not only yard work, now they even play basketball and golf together. Dean, who’s a father of three daughters, is thrilled about engaging in father-son activities with Brian.

With or without knowing, Dean is helping out Brian’s dad, Dan, from afar. While Dean is happy to be a father figure to Brian while Dan is away, Dan will undoubtedly be ecstatic to discover that his neighbor has had his son’s back while he was away, serving his country. And the best news is that American troops are continuously being taken out from Syria, therefore Brian might get his father back sooner than he expects!

Molly Cravens, one of Dean’s daughters, posted some pics on Twitter that are overflowing with kindness and generosity, but are heartbreaking at the same time. They were of Dean and Brian working together. Thousands of Twitter users were overjoyed by the post, and it managed to get more than 20,000 likes! Many users were blown away by how great Dean was as a dad, that he’s even willing to be a dad to someone who’s not his child.

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Brian’s mom is indeed grateful for Dean for being a solid and positive male role model for Brian!

It’s not easy to have your loved ones away without knowing when to see them again. It must be extra hard for Brian, to have his best friend and role model far away from him. But, as long as we look out for each other, and help each other without expecting anything in return, we can definitely get through all the obstacles life presents us with!