Grandchildren Surprise Granddad At Nursing Home During Lockdown

Granddad Surprised By His Grandchildren At Nursing Home During Lockdown

What more happiness can you ask for than seeing your children and grandchildren succeed in life. Isn’t that so? Vana Ebrahimi and her sibling surprised their grandpa at a nursing home which was closed to visitants since the lockdown in March.

Vana Ebrahimi and her brother are siblings who graduated from the class of 2020. Vana had graduated late this month from the Loyola Marymount University located in Los Angeles, and her brother had graduated with a medical degree as a first-generation college student of their family.

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Ebrahimi and her brother are both from Glendale, California but their parents and grandparents are originally from Iran. The parents of Vana and her brother had emigrated to the US in 1992 following the footsteps of their parents who emigrated in 1989 to escape the ongoing war.

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Eighty-six years old Hayrik Abnous, also lovingly known as “Metspop” was staying at the nursing home to receive physical therapy, located in a nearby community of La Crescenta after an accident of falling months ago which caused a broken hip and leg just before the graduation of his grandchildren. After the accident, Abnous had to stay one and a half month in the hospital for recovery.

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When Abnous was startled by his grandchildren he was in full-blown tears of happiness seeing them standing in the graduation gowns and caps on their heads at the front door of the nursing home.

Vana said, her grandpa is an important role model to her in her life and it was important to celebrate it with him. The pandemic did not stop them from surprising their granddad, said Ebrahimi.

Watch the footage of the sweet moment below

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