Amazon Leaks Price And Release Date Of Sony PlayStation 5

Amazon Leaks Price And Release Date Of PlayStation 5

Sony finally revealed the first look and more information regarding its highly anticipated new console, the PlayStation 5, on its website. Less than a week after the big reveal, it appears that Amazon has leaked its price and date of release.

For a brief moment, Amazon France listed the details on the website, before taking them down later.

The predecessor of the PlayStation 5 came into stores almost seven years ago, and on the 12th of June, fans were gifted with the first look of the brand new console. Digital lovers welcomed it wholeheartedly, and to add to its already sky-high popularity, this will also come with a disc-less version which will be about €100 EUR cheaper than the one with a disc drive.

Ben Geskin, a creator of technological content, shared the leaked prices on his social media pages after stumbling upon the apparent price leak on Amazon’s French website. According to the screenshots shared by Geskin, Amazon has listed the price of the standard model at €499 EUR, and the price of the disc-less version at €399 EUR. Not only that, but the website went on to list November 20, 2020 as the release date in France.

Though the website has been updated without the above details, the screenshots with information about the device has been spreading all over social media ever since.

This pleasant surprise of a leak was great news to some, as many game-lovers expected the digital version to be more expensive. The reasons for this are the amazing features of the new version. Apart from having the ability to load games 100 times faster than the PlayStation 4, PS5 comes with a custom SSD drive that’s set to pack 825 GB. To further add to its awesomeness, it runs at a speed of 5.5 GB per second in raw mode, or 8-9 GB per second in compressed mode.

However, many people were expecting a price close to the leaked one, if Sony was to target the same game consoles from the previous generations. It should be noted that the launch-price of PS4 was also €399 EUR.

The Xbox series X is also expected to cost nearly the same, as insiders predict that Sony will keep the price of its new beast close to that of its competitor.