What Is Causing Your Relationship’s Intimacy Issue?

Are you having intimacy issues in your current relationship? Intimacy is incredibly important when it comes to having a full and healthy relationship with your partner. For this reason, if you are having intimacy issues in a relationship, it is best to figure out what is causing them and how you can overcome them.

If you are having intimacy problems, keep reading. In this guide, we will give you some of the most common causes of intimacy issues so that you can work towards resolving them.

Relationship's Intimacy Issue

Communication Issues

In relationships, intimacy shows up in both emotional and physical ways. For this reason, often the lack of intimacy in a relationship is actually due to a lack of communication in the relationship in general. To feel emotionally connected and close to someone, you need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, especially when discussing difficult topics.

Intimacy is often the feeling that you truly know someone which is the result of honest and open communication. If communication between a couple is not transparent, it can often lead to conflict and issues that can negatively affect room for intimacy. Working together on your communication skills as a couple can help you learn the tools you need to restore healthy communication and as a result, intimacy.

Resentment, Mistrust, and Anger

It is common for those feeling mistrust, anger, or resentment towards their significant other to have issues remaining intimate in the relationship. While it is normal to have arguments and disagreements with a partner, these issues should be resolved relatively quickly. If these feelings are not dealt with, they can linger and cause issues when it comes to intimacy.

In many cases, these feelings may be a result of one feeling too betrayed or hurt by their partner to be open to intimacy. This can often result if a partner has been cheated on. The partner that has been betrayed may have feelings of resentment or feel that they cannot trust their partner – a key component of true intimacy.

It’s important to work to overcome these difficult feelings and emotions. Solutions such as counseling or couples therapy may help couples become intimate again.

Mental Illness

A mental health condition such as anxiety or depression can significantly affect one’s life in many ways. For some, it may hinder their ability to become intimate with a partner.

This may cause one to have a poor self-image which can hinder intimacy, as can a lack of motivation for becoming intimate in the first place. Those struggling with mental illness should seek a mental health professional for assistance and treatment.

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Common Causes of Intimacy Issues

Relationship's Intimacy Issue

If you and your partner are struggling with intimacy issues, keep this guide in mind to discover possible causes so that you can work on a resolution.

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