How Many Hours A Day Can You Wear Contact Lenses?

 Wear Contact Lenses

With the development of science and technology, spectacles are being considered and outdated and usage of contact lens is the new trend. Eye surface of the user is protected by this thin layer which is now being provided in different colour alternatives. In case you are facing any problem with your glasses, an ample amount of alternatives are present for you. contact lens are trusted name in this industry and provide products as per the requirements of individual customers.

How many hours a day is safe?

As the lens remains directly attached to the sensitive eyes of a user, the ideal time length of using this remains a topic of controversy. According to the experts in optic studies, using contact lenses for long hours is not a great problem but one must allow his eyes to rest freely. Due to this reason, doctors advice the users to remove lenses when they are going to bed. Ideally, 14 to 16 hours is the average time for which a lens can be used. A time length higher than that on a regular basis can give rise to some complexities in certain cases.

What should be the number of days in a row?

A standard rate of continuous 30 days is provided but it depends on the nature of the product and the optical situation of the user.

When to replace the old pairs?

People are often found to have several issues while they try to shift from their glasses to contact lenses. Confusions arise when it comes to change the used pair with a new one. Actually, it depends on the nature of the lens and the condition of the user. ophthalmologists try to solve these problems by considering these two aspects for a user.

How long old pairs can be used?

Doctors suggestion in this regard is the best solution. In case you are having any kind of issues, do not continue with the same pair.

 Wear Contact Lenses

What about an unopened pack?

A tenure of three years is generally provided, but recheck the date of expiry before you use one.

How to make use of contact lens solution?

Some complaint to have issues when the lenses are placed in a lens solution. In most of the cases, these kinds of issues are found when an individual starts using lens and in the long run issues get sorted. In case you are having issues after some considerable amount of time you need to visit your doctor rather than being reluctant.

Coloured contact lenses for fashion trends?

 Wear Contact Lenses

Coloured lenses have the same specialies and are to be used for medical conditions. In case you are planning to use one make sure it is perfect for your eyes.

Tips for healthy usage

Using contact lenses has become a trend in the market and people are found to use it without any major problem in their vision. Often they go for the online dailies contact lenses and provide less importance to the guidelines for usage. You need to take out lenses as early as possible in the evening. Normal lenses are not designed for your sleeping hours, so make sure you are not sleeping wearing a lens. In case of any kind of irritability remove the lenses. Finally, dispose your lenses according to the time limits given in the products.