Tips for Working with a Building Inspection Company Perth

When you buy a new electrical appliance, you notice a tag on the appliance, which states the fact that it has been tested along with the name of the person who tested it, the date of the test, and the due date for the next test. Similarly, it is also important to inspect buildings, especially during important events such as property exchange or buying a new property. These are carried out by experts who are known as building inspectors.

Tips for Working with a Building Inspection Company Perth

It is normally seen that inspectors, who have a field experience, are the best inspectors around. This is what most of the contractors would agree upon. At the same time, inspectors believe that they always wish to work alongside experienced contractors when it comes to building a structure.

Tips for Working with Building Inspectors

When it comes to dealing with building inspectors, there are 2 primary elements to keep in mind. These are standard building practices and building codes as quoted by Jim’s Building Inspections. These 2 codes do not conflict with each other in any way. On the contrary, they complement each other. Here are some tips to work alongside a building inspector or an inspection company.

  • Your Approach Is Crucial: Every building inspector or inspection company wishes to ensure that a project will successfully meet all the codes upon completion. When you meet the inspector to review the plan, make sure to let the expert know about your company‚Äôs and your experience in the profession as a contractor. If required, you can also make comments on the overall details, plan or even the project in general. This will help showcase your expertise in the profession. Do let the inspector know that you are there to assist in case of any inquiry from his side.
  • Inspection Scheduling Should Be Carried Out Properly: It is very important that you schedule the building inspections properly. Make the schedule as early as possible and at the same time give yourself enough flexibility in your schedule. It is quite normal for inspectors to never be on time for a building inspection. Remember not to let the concrete trucks wait at the site before the arrival of the inspector. If there is an engineer scheduled to arrive earlier to test the concrete and the soil, provide a copy of the report to the inspector to make an impression and also for his records. Ensure proper safety for the inspector with guard rails, secured ladders, and proper housekeeping.
  • Offer Assistance In The Walk-Through: It will be a nice gesture if you could offer a proper walk-through with the inspector while he inspects the project. Meet the expert upon his arrival and walk with him during the inspection. Point out the key areas to the inspector such as the load-bearing areas, structural steel connections, framing details, utility stub-ins, and roof penetrations. It will be a good idea to keep all the stamped drawing, architectural, civil, and engineering, out on the desk so that the inspector can access the documents whenever he feels the need.