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Custom Packaging Boxes

The main principle in the work of packaging designers is to create a stable relationship with “person product” while determining why the buyer buys this product and does not want to buy another. The answers to these questions can be obtained only by conducting serious marketing research. The more attention the designer pays to memorable elements, the more successful is the fate of the product on the market. Of course, the name of the product plays an important role in this. With an abundance of products, the names of the common language are sometimes not enough, and advertising specialists resort to word creation. In this case, attention is attracted, the degree of memorization, as well as the ease of pronunciation. Choosing the Custom CBD oil packaging is important for you.

Design Is the Main Key

Design starts to play a major role, as appearance is part of the offer as the consumer understands it. In this regard, the mutual influence of design and marketing is necessary, because it is impossible to sell goods without taking into account the requirements and wishes of buyers.

Product packaging design must have the following properties:

  • To be original, effective, to attract the attention of a potential consumer;
  • To emphasize the characteristics of the product – its benefits, action, properties, use, result of application;
  • Be patentable to prevent other manufacturers from using it;
  • Conceptually fit for new products that can be added to the product line;
  • Be technologically feasible and economically feasible, taking into account the prevailing features of the production of packaging.

The secret of a successful design lies in the ratio of the main and secondary elements on the package. It often seems that the more information is placed on the “facade” of the package, the better for the buyer. In such cases, you need to find out what the main characteristic of the product is, and what can be donated or transferred to the other side.

Focus on Minimalism

In the conditions of limited packaging space, the principle of “reasonable minimalism” becomes important, because the abundance of information about the product will rather confuse the consumer, rather than help him navigate.

Sometimes another temptation arises to give preference to the aesthetics of packaging, rather than its information content. However, it should be remembered that in most cases it is more important to make the product understandable, “ours” for the consumer, than stylish, demonstrating a new “cool” design.

The success of a packaging design depends on its ability to convey a complex product idea to people who don’t think about it. As a result, packaging will never become a work of art, but this is its unique value. The greatest difficulties in packaging design are caused by the task of making a product noticeable and helping it wins a place in a person’s home, in his life. Some persistence is needed for packaging to be visible, but it also affects the way people feel about the product. Using the Magnetic Closure Boxes is essential.

Magnetic Closure Boxes

Packaging design has three components: structure, graphics and color

Structure is the physical shape of the container, its contours and ability to attract attention, the way to open it and access its contents. While structural innovation is an advantage, packaging tends to become common to a particular product group. Many of the most important functional innovations in the packaging structure actually need to be refined before they can fit in with design.

The essential psychological aspects of the structure are the size and shape of the package. Graphics are what is on the surface of the container. Often style, individuality lies in a purely graphic concept, in a combination of colors, fonts, emblems and the entire design style. Verbal information directed to the mind does not play a decisive role in the purchase, since people have innate defense mechanisms against words. At the same time, people are not protected from form, symbol and color, because they do not realize how much they are exposed to them.