Warnings Against Vaping Arise With The Hike in Lung Diseases

Warnings Against Vaping Arise With The Hike in Lung Diseases

E- cigarette usage has been widely increasing of late. The largest consumer of vaping goods are mainly the young adults. But vaping also seems highly dangerous as six deaths in US are reported to be due to it.

Vaping seems to be especially dangerous as it has several other chemicals in its products that are harmful to the lungs in addition to nicotine, one of the most addictive and harmful drugs. And e-cigarettes having cannabis are more deadly as all victims have used it. The NYPD’s Wadsworth Center found a chemical vitamin E called Acetate in all these products with cannabis.¬† So it is possible that this chemical is the cause the governor of the state has issued subpoenas on it’s main distributors.

Some of the chemicals present in the E-cigarettes are carcinogens, glycerol and heavy metals, all of which are dangerous to lungs according to the American Lung Association. CDA, in response, has advised all to stop vaping, at least until the investigations are complete. American Medical association has requested FDA to ban E-cigarettes  and their marketing.

Lung issues of Vaping

From the US Health and Human Services Secretary to FDA, all authorities seem to take this as a major issue. The secretary has plans to ban the flavored e-cigarettes off market to reduce their appeal to the youth stating that action must be taken before these E-Cigarettes become a nicotine addiction.

The FDA released a statement planning two proposals. One to educate the targeted group, the youth, on vaping and its harmful effects, and the other to regulate the market on E-Cigarettes and their marketing.