Invisibility for $300 Is Available!

Invisibility for $300 Is Available!

While invisibility seems to be an unreachable dream for many military researchers, a man in his shed was able to do this for $300. Well, not totally but near enough.

The man had actually created a distortion shield which makes you near invisible while using it. Garden shed engineers are great because of their efficiency.

This was found because of a video that went viral of YouTube. You can see him explaining on how he built it and the materials he used. And the surprising thing is, most of this are normal hardware store stuff. And that’s when it hits you that with some creativity, anything is possible.

The implications of these are enormous because of how much use this thing can be put to and for how little this invention was created. Can you believe it? He created an invisibility shield for just $300 while billions are spent on government funded military project. Just imagine how better this could be with a bigger budget.

All around us we can see these inventors who create awesome products out of basically nothing. This type of thing can be huge! And now, invisibility is not limited to comic books and TV series.

Watch the video below!