This is how Husky responds Mama for Scolding over Stolen Shoe


Have you ever searched for something you really need for hours? And end up with nothing positive? In such situations, you make yourself think someone else would know something about that. In fact, when you know that no one came to your place on that day and the ones at home is the only option to ask for, you go for it.

But what if the only one to ask is your Dog?

Husky responds the Mama for Scolding over Stolen Shoe

The woman-centric to the story wake up knowing one of her workout shoes had gone misplaced. And the only person at home to ask about this was Azlan, her husky Dog. And certainly, no one else could have taken it. She used to keep it in the same place every day and no complaints about her own faults. So the one who is responsible for this must be the Dog for sure.

It is a much-known fact that Dogs love to chew on shoes. But do you ever go through the matter of hiding a missing shoe? So taking the trouble no longer, she decided to ask Azlan straightaway about what he knows.

Husky responds the Mama for Scolding over Stolen Shoe

And the best decision ever is about recording the response of Azlan.

She knew her dog had to be embarrassed about the story, but what she really wanted is Azlan to confess to it. He was neither best at hiding guilt nor intentions of acknowledging it. So his response was quite interesting to watch. She told doggy that she knew for certain that he had stolen it and asked to return as soon as possible.

Husky responds the Mama for Scolding over Stolen Shoe

Azlan looked at the other shoe down without any sound. He was dumb for some time. And then he himself decided this should end. Luckily, this is the first time the owner found Alzan doing such robbery.

Husky responds the Mama for Scolding over Stolen Shoe

For the good fact, he has not damaged the shoe which was really good for him. It was in the same state when she finally left them. He does not get into worry and his mom finally gets her favorite pair of shoes back for the gym times.

See how this good boy argues over a stolen shoe and get it back the mama.

Azlan only seems to want to argue with his mom. How can you even get mad at this adorable boy? We’re sure it can be tough for his mom to stay mad at him, especially with how cute he sounds when he talks back!

Did you ever ask your Dog about your missing shoe? Just try!