7 Major Benefits Of An Automatic Dog Water Bowl For Your Pet

Benefits Of An Automatic Dog Water Bowl

If you find that your pet’s water bowl is constantly empty, there’s a good chance they’re not getting enough. And if they get desperate enough they might go looking somewhere else to get their fill, like the toilet.

That’s where automatic dog water bowls come into play. They have so many benefits that they’re almost a necessity for those with thirsty pups.

Here are the seven major benefits of automatic water bowls

  1. Keep Your Pet Healthy and Hydrated

Let’s start with the obvious.

Because dogs daily need one ounce of water for every pound they weigh, odds are you’re refilling their water bowl regularly, especially with larger dogs. That’s why you need an automatic water bowl that keeps your furry friend healthy and refreshed.

Most automatic bowls have basins that attach to the bowl, meaning that the bowl will be full far more often. There’s a valve connected to the bowl that will keep it always at the perfect level of water for your pet.

  1. Keep Your Pet’s Water Clean and Fresh

Speaking of basins, these automatic bowls come with filtration systems that help keep harmful bacteria out of the water. They also clean and filter out and particulates that may come in through your water.

Take this into consideration when making a purchase. Most pet owners don’t fully know what’s coming through their water. You can take action to find out what’s in your water or play it safe by purchasing a bowl with a filtration system built-in.

With a good filter in your automatic water bowl, your dog will be drinking more water than gunk. Just another perk of an automatic water bowl.

Benefits Of An Automatic Dog Water Bowl

  1. You’ll Save Time Having to Fill Their Bowl Less

If you find yourself filling your dog’s water bowl multiple times a day, odds are you have a pretty active dog (and likely a pretty active life yourself). Start saving some of that time and energy by investing in an automatic bowl.

The average basin can hold anywhere around a gallon of water. With a small dog, this will save hours of constantly going back and forth manually filling up the water bowl.

And larger dogs will be able to get their fill without having to stop at an empty bottom mid-slurp.

  1. It’s Fun and Encourages Your Dog to Drink More

Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog, who, when the famous scientist rang a bell, instantly started salivating because it indicated he was going to get fed?

Yes, these water bowls have a similar effect with pups and drinking.

There is something about the waterfall effect that draws dogs in to drink more. It seems like a toy, the sound catches their attention, and subconsciously they get thirsty.

If your pup struggles to drink adequate amounts, automatic water bowls can be a gamechanger. Or if you’re struggling to get them to drink at appropriate times (NOT right before bed), you can unplug the bowl.

When you plug it back in, the sound will trigger that behavioral response, and boom: they’ll start drinking again. You can use this trick to ensure your dog drinks a healthy amount of water and ensures they won’t have any accidents at bedtime or when you’re away.

  1. No More Worrying When You’re Away From Home

One of the biggest fears a pet owner has is if they won’t be able to make it home. What will their pet do?

Like humans, dogs can go long periods of time without food, but not so much for water. By investing in an automatic water bowl you’ll be able to leave home confidently knowing that if something steals you away for a little while longer, your pet will be fine.

Now you can just fill the basin before you leave and now it’ll last for hours or days depending on the size of your pup.

  1. They Are Durable and Last for Years

Because these bowls are built for all different types of dogs, they are designed for some wear and tear. With regular, everyday use, expect these bowls to work for years and years without much maintenance or repairs.

They are not prone to flipping and several have traction bases that ensure they won’t rock or slide when your dog is going for a drink.

Got a particularly stubborn dog, or want to know what the right size your bowl should be? Read more now on automatic dog water bowls and what models are best for you and your pup.

  1. Designed to Limit Overflow and Keep Spills off the Floor

Raise your hand if your dog has ever flipped, chucked, or dumped their water bowl. Okay, put your hand down, it’s happened to all of us. Because when dogs are thirsty, nothing gets in their way from drinking and drinking fast!

Most automatic water bowls are designed specifically to ensure this never happens. They have large bases covering plenty of surface area to ensure even the most stubborn drinker doesn’t flip them.

Best yet, because of their basin and filtration systems, they limit how much water can be in the bowl at a time, preventing any accidental spills or leaks.

Of course, your dog can still splash water everywhere if they’re a certain type of special, but there are automatic water bowls that have generous sides to prevent that from happening.

Automatic Dog Water Bowls Are a Must

If you couldn’t tell, we love our automatic dog water bowls. Get your pup one today so they can stay hydrated and healthy at all times. And because they’re efficient and easy to maintain, you can worry less about Fido’s drinking and feel free to get out for longer.

Benefits Of An Automatic Dog Water Bowl

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