How To Keep Snakes Off Your Property

Owning a house can be an exciting experience. It can also be a lot of work.

This is especially true when it comes to keeping pests away from your property.

For most people, the thought of discovering spiders or snakes near the house can be enough to make you never want to go outside. Fortunately, this article can help provide peace of mind.

How To Keep Snakes Off Your Property

Here we take a look at how to keep snakes off your property so you won’t be afraid of what might be lurking beyond the door. Keep reading to discover the best snake prevention tips every homeowner needs to know.

Take Advantage of Natural Predators

When it comes to getting rid of snakes, nature provides a variety of predators that can help with the problem.

The list of natural predators includes cats, turkeys, raccoons, guinea hens, and foxes. In fact, fox urine is one of the best resources for repelling snakes. The key is to spread fox urine along your property boundary so that snakes will hesitate before entering your lawn.

If you only have indoor pets, you’d be wise to consider getting 2 or 3 outdoor cats to help keep the presence of snakes to a minimum.

Update Your Landscaping

It’s also a good idea to assess your landscaping. This is crucial when it comes to how to snake proof your house.

The first thing you should do is keep your grass cut so that snakes won’t have a shady place to hang out. Next, you should trim away overgrown shrubs and plants, fill in holes, and plant snake-repelling plants such as lemongrass, wormwood, and marigolds.

You should also seriously consider investing in a snake-proof fence made of a catch net, steel mesh, or plastic sheeting. This landscaping feature can make it incredibly difficult for snakes to find a way to enter your property.

Here’s more information about installing a snake proof fence.

Use Products That Repel Them

There are many products that will repel most snakes. These include sulfur, garlic, onions, ammonia, naphthalene, clove, cinnamon oil, vinegar, and lime.

Smoke Them Out of Your Property

Snakes dislike the smell of smoke. This is due to their elevated sense of smell. Thus you can dig a fire pit, cover the embers with leaves and moss, and allow the smoke to drift across your property for several days.

Eliminate Their Food Supply

When snakes enter an area that lacks the food they want, they won’t hang around for long. This means you need to rid your property of rodents such as mice, rats, insects, and frogs.

Even if you live in a wooded area, keeping an outdoor cat and placing mouse traps around your house and lawn can help make your property less appealing to snakes.

How To Keep Snakes Off Your Property

How to Keep Snakes Off Your Property

It’s never fun having creepy creatures lingering around your lawn. Fortunately, this guide on how to keep snakes off your property will help make life at home a little more enjoyable.

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