‘Ring Of Fire’ To Grace The Sky On June 21

‘Ring Of Fire’ To Grace The Sky On June 21

Amidst all the chaos, the year 2020 has been quite an amazing year for stargazers. It gave us the opportunity to watch four lunar eclipses, and now it’s time for the first ever solar eclipse of the year!

This annular solar eclipse is set to grace the night sky on the 21st of June. On this day, the moon will be located at the farthest point from the Earth. This point is called ‘apogee’, and when the moon is located here, its relative size becomes insufficient to block the sun completely. As a result, the outer rims of the sun will be visible to the Earth, appearing like a ring of fire in the sky.

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This wonderful event can be observed by most of Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Australia, and Paris of Europe, on June 21. However, for some areas mentioned above, only the shadow of the eclipse will be visible.

If you’re planning to watch this solar eclipse, make sure to take the necessary protective measures to avoid harm to the eyes. Using proper eye-protection equipment like eclipse glasses will help you to experience this stunning stellar event safely. Or else, by projecting the image of the sun and the eclipse using a pinball projector, you can dodge the risk of eye-damage.

Annular solar eclipse 2020

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The second and last solar eclipse of the year 2020 is set to occur on the 14th of December. This will be directly observable from parts of the Indian Ocean, Africa, Antarctica, the Pacific Ocean and South America.

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