How to Figure Out Your Aura Color

Did you know that the color of your aura can affect your personal and professional life? Other disciplines, like astrology, can also be taken into account when determining the color of your aura.

Have you always wanted to dive deeper into the pool of self-discovery? Decoding your aura is a divine place to start.

If you are ready to shed light on your internal world then read our guide on how to figure out your aura color!

How to Figure Out Your Aura Color

Learn the Types of Auras

Everyone has a specific energy signature or aura. There are a variety of spiritual traditions that can connect you to your aura.

Cultures across the globe have taken notice of the energy that an individual carries within them. This energy, sometimes known as chi or qi, can be felt and even seen.

Although trained eyes are able to help you meet your aura, it is also possible to recognize your radiant energy for yourself.

The first place to start is learning all about the different types of auras. Many traditions prescribe to the color spectrum school of thought.

This method involves a rainbow of colors and corresponding meanings. Learning how to decode aura color meanings can be a fun and rewarding process!

Discover Spiritual Meanings

The intuitive approach encourages you to consider the spiritual meanings of aura colors. Although tapping into this realm requires practice, the end result can be deeply satisfying.

To begin, enter a quiet space where you can be alone with your thoughts and emotions. Sitting in silence, trust yourself to close your eyes.

Despite the prior events that led to this moment, invite yourself into a headspace of peace and tranquility. With this mindset and consistent practice, you will be able to activate your intuition.

Allow your intuition to guide you through how you are feeling in this moment. Understanding what kind of energy you resonate with can help you discover your own energy signature and aura patterns.

Imagine Your Own Aura Color

If you have ever seen aura photographs, you might compare them to watercolor paintings. It is rare to only have one color present.

It is much more common to have a ripple of colors that bleed together. Keep this in mind as you begin to imagine your own aura color.

While you are witnessing the ebb and flow of your emotions, see what colors pop up. If no colors arise, begin to actively visualize your abstract emotions and thoughts.

What form does your anger take? What about sad thoughts? For example, many beginners equate a blue aura meaning with sadness.

However, emotions are multi-dimensional and should be appreciated for their depth and duality. Although a blue aura can be interpreted as sadness, it can also be as a sense of solidarity, liberation, and autonomy.

Discover the Aura Meaning

After you practice visualizing colors and symbols that correspond to your thoughts and emotions, you can begin interpreting their meaning.

Research and reputable resources can help beginner aura readers dive deeply into the roots of their proprietary energy signature.

It is important to note that aura meanings are personal and can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The most common way, however, to interpret auras in secular America is to equate them to the Vedic chakra system.

The Vedic chakra system utilizes the 7 colors of the rainbow to symbolize thematic energy centers located in the spine. Chakras serve as a great starting point for novice aura readers across the globe!

Seeing Auras of Others 101

Understanding the auras of others can help you see your own. If you are a highly sensitive or empathic individual, for example, you may already be able to sense the energy signatures of others.

Use this ability internally to decode how you resonate with others. As you observe the aura of others, take note of how their energy patterns change over time.

For example, someone may be radiating happiness one moment and then receiving distressing news the next moment. This emotional shift can change the color of their aura as well.

Guided Aura Meditation Practices

Are you interested in learning a passive method of seeing your aura color? Guided meditation is the answer you have been waiting for.

Guided meditations are available for free on multimedia platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud.

Take advantage of these free resources if you want to accelerate your aura reading abilities. These practices require dedication and a relaxed environment to be effective.

However, in time you will see that your aura practice is what you make of it. Professionals can assist you in the beginning but, to truly see yourself, you must develop a method that works for you.

Seek a Professional Oracle

Speaking of professionals, there are a variety of people who can help you understand your aura colors and patterns.

If you are overwhelmed about where to begin, they can hold your hand through the process. However, one should depend on the skills of others to visualize their own energy signature.

Enjoy the process of networking with gifted practitioners and fellow seekers of the unknowns. After all, cultivating your own abilities is much more enjoyable with like-minded friends!

How to Figure Out Your Aura Color

Ready to See Your Aura?

Now you know how to develop techniques to see your aura! Are you ready to test out your spiritual skills?

If so, remember that mediation and introspections are helpful techniques to get you started. Good luck!

Still in need of magical motivation? Feel free to enjoy our other blog articles to get started unlocking the rest of your powers!