15 Pics That Are Literally Begging For Help

15 Pics That Are Literally Begging For Help

No matter how much we look at certain pictures, we just can’t help but feel utterly disappointed. Be it a spilled can of milk, a dropped piece of pizza, a destroyed part of a room, or a roofless toilet, some pictures just break our hearts in ways that cannot be explained. Below pictures are such instances that are literally screaming for help, and are hilarious at the same time.

No matter what challenges life presents us with, it’s important to remain optimistic, always. This can be very difficult sometimes, though. I’m pretty sure many of us can relate to these few words by Moominpappa, on a spiritual level: “I used to stand before the mirror and look deep into my unhappy eyes, sigh and say, ‘Oh cruel fate!’ And in a few minutes, I felt a little bit better.”

Take a look at the pictures below and comment your thoughts!

#1 Oh Please No!

Well shit. from r/Wellthatsucks

#2 Now It’s Time To Eat Pizza!!!

Welp, I‘m ordering pizza I guess… from r/Wellthatsucks

#3 The Taste Of Irony

Our youngest son has a taste for irony from r/funny

#4 The Look In Her Eyes Just Breaks My Heart

I hope she kept her toilet paper dry. from r/Wellthatsucks

#5 Rent Might Be A Little Bit Lower Now

My ceiling collapsed from r/Wellthatsucks

#6 “Be Careful”, That’s All I’ve Got To Say

Well that sucks from r/Wellthatsucks

#7 The ‘Fasteners’ Have Become Lose, What An Irony?

Hold on a minute… from r/funny

#8 This Ice Cream Had No Cone, But That Doesn’t Stop Us From Eating It!

Ice cream cone had no cone on it… from r/Wellthatsucks

#9 Would You Drink This?

This is how my boss drinks his coke. Yes, those are peanuts. from r/pics

#10 If You Love The Rain, And You Love Your Favorite Restaurant, Isn’t This The Perfect Combination?

It rained a bit today from r/Wellthatsucks

#11 View From The Top Of Machu Pichu: Reality Vs Expectation

My view from the top of Mount Machu Picchu vs what the view could have been from r/Wellthatsucks

#12 If He’s Still Reading, Don’t Expect Him To Share

If only he could read faster… from r/funny

#13 So This Is What A Bottomless Cup Of Coffee Looks Like?

Bottom of mug gives up. from r/mildlyinfuriating

#14 The Soul Might Be Unbreakable, But Everything Else Doesn’t Matter

Of all the movies this had to happen to… from r/pics

#15 Apparently not…

Apparently not from r/funny