Signs That Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

Signs That Your Man Is Losing Interest In You

We have often heard stories from our girlfriends that their man has left them for no apparent reason. Nothing more hurts than being dumped by someone you thought loved you as much as you did. Especially when we don’t see it come with warning lights. The outcome of such situations can be a huge impact on anyone who goes through it. Like depression, low self-esteem, eating disorder, and anxiety.

Ladies, don’t blame yourselves if your man loses interest in you. You are not to be blamed for their change in life and towards you. It’s on them no matter what.

Man and Woman

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For example, relationship physics has a saying that there forces that can strengthen the bond between two people, but at the same time, there are forces that can weaken the bond. Like when you see all the time, it strengthens the bond. When the two are apart, it weakens the bond. So, why be the only one fighting to keep the relationship together?

Below are 10 signs of your man losing interest in you and your relationship;

  1. He starts making up excuses
  2. Something in his life has changed
  3. He is less responsive to messages and calls
  4. He always tries to pick a fight
  5. He is not bothered about what happens in your life
  6. He is a professional player
  7. He is in love with someone else
  8. He is not ready for commitment
  9. He is not interested in making plans for the future
  10. He openly flirts with other women

There could be way more different reasons than the ones mentioned above, but remember it is entirely on him. It could be a wake-up call for if you want to stay or leave.