Selling A Pet-Friendly House-How To Prepare Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your pet-friendly home? Make sure it attracts the right kind of buyer – someone who will love and care for your beloved pets as you have. It’s a time-consuming and challenging task, but it pays off in the end when you can find a pet-friendly home buyer who will make your pets – and you! – happy.

Selling A Pet-Friendly House

What needs to be cleaned?

Clean the house thoroughly, including all floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture.

Devote a little time each day to declutter. Every little bit helps, and you will be amazed at the progress.

Selling a pet-friendly house can be easier with decluttering help from someone who understands your intentions and invests in the process. This isn’t about throwing away items you love or having your loved ones throw away things they love. It’s about our shared goal of Selling a Pet-friendly House, for which everyone can make an equal contribution and have a similar appreciation.

Should I vacuum under beds and chairs?

Are you still vacuuming under beds and chairs? If you are, it’s time to stop. We’re not saying that we’d fight you if you tried to get us to do it, but we would request that the vacuum cleaner be changed first. Does anyone need an excuse to replace their current hoover? Let our list of pet hair vacuums show you how a new vacuum cleaner could change your life.

Now that all pets in our household have indoor access, we find ourselves less attached to the old broom and dustpan. Yes, yes. ‘All dogs are clean animals,’ we hear you say. And all cats are fastidious and will leave their toilet behind a closed door, right? Wrong on both counts. You may have found yourself sweeping up pet hair from the carpet that your dog has been shedding since first thing this morning. Or perhaps you’re still trying to clear away the drift of cat litter that your feline friend has allowed to accumulate in the corner of your bedroom. And don’t even get us started on hairballs.

Selling A Pet-Friendly House

How to avoid attracting pests?

Dispose of any food that is left out in the open to avoid attracting pests

Regularly check for any leaks in the home and take any necessary steps, such as repairing them immediately before they cause mold growth or water damage.

Clean up food spills and crumbs in your kitchen daily so that pests (fruit flies, cockroaches) do not have anything to feast on.

If you are a pet owner, make sure that your cage is clean and that your pets do not leave food traces behind for cockroaches, etc., to feed on. Please make sure you regularly check them for any parasites or other conditions that might require veterinary treatment.

Your kitchen should be kept as clean as possible, including your dishes, utensils, and surfaces. Cleaning them regularly will help prevent the build-up of food residue that can attract pests such as cockroaches and the area.

Make sure you take out your garbage promptly. Pests generally feed on things that are left in waste disposal bins or open spaces nearby, so make sure you get rid of your waste in a timely and hygienic manner.

How to prevent ants in pet-friendly houses?

Wash dishes before leaving for an extended period to prevent ants from coming into your home. When leaving your home for an extended period, wash the dishes and dry them before you leave. This will prevent ants from entering your house while you’re gone. If ants do get into your home, they can create a huge mess that is nearly impossible to clean up once it’s dried out. In most cases, these bugs can be pretty tricky to remove from your home, so it is best to prevent them from entering in the first place.

What needs to do with the garbage cans in the house?

Keep garbage cans sealed tightly closed with a lid on them at all times. Put wheeled garbage carts that contain household garbage out for collection no sooner than the night before your regularly scheduled collection day. Make sure they are placed within at least three feet of the existing house or building wall. Keep them away from mailboxes, trees, and light poles. If the collection is delayed for any reason, please wait until your garbage collector allows it to be returned to your home or business.

Selling A Pet-Friendly House

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