Round Vs. Square- Which Shower Head To Choose?

Ceiling showers are available in different shaped heads. You get to choose between round or square/rectangular.

Square vs. round shower heads

Square vs. round shower heads


When you visit Declinko online store, you will find that the square shower head is designed from stainless steel and brass. Alternatively, the round shower head has a plastic body. Some homeowners choose stainless steel and brass because they feel it looks better, while a few find the round ones more appealing than square units. The choice depends on personal preference.


The rectangular and round shower heads have two openings to get water from one side to another, while square showers have four openings.

Walls and pipes

Unlike square showers, the round shower head is connected to a large pipe. It allows more water to flow through.


Obviously, square shower heads are more expensive than round showers because of the material.

There are several other things to consider while choosing between square and round showerheads.

Your bathroom design

The overall bathroom design can impact shower shape head choice. If your bathroom fittings have a soft edge and are round then a round shower head with blend in easily but an angular showerhead with stand out. If your fitting has square taps and a bathtub then a rectangular or square head is a great option.

For a modern and minimalist style bathroom, a rectangular and square head is a great fit. For a traditional bathroom design, a round shower will be more appropriate.

Your bathroom size

In a stand-alone shower, you can put a showerhead of any shape, it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, if the space is restricted it can make a difference. If a ceiling shower is installed over the bathtub then you have to choose the right size showerhead, so the water is sprayed inside the bath and not over its sides. Here an angular shower is better, especially the rectangular shape because it has a narrow footprint.

What experience do you want?

Square vs. round shower heads

The water flow from the square or rectangle or round showerheads is the same. The experience you obtain from each one will be a little different. If you install a rainfall showerhead then with a square or rectangle head the showering experience will be better than a round shape.

The round shower has nozzles organized in circles therefore they deliver water spray that radiates outward. The nozzles in square or rectangle heads are in rows, so the water flows straight down. It delivers a more natural and even cascade of water that mimics the rainfall.

Other types of showerheads

  • Chrome shower head – These are round or oval-shaped with holes that distribute water in all directions.
  • Pocket showerhead – These are rectangular and used to dispense cold and hot water without hassle.

The round and square shower heads differ in materials but work similarly. Water flow is consistent and even. Both look good and are functional. The final decision to choose the shape of showerhead that will look better in your bathroom is a personal preference.