Meet Dracula’s Parrots- Black Birds From New Guinea!

The Dracula Parrot, interesting right? This is one of a kind we meet in the Birds’ kingdom. This is a bird of a combination of features. It has the head of a vulture, the body similar to a parrot, and comes in the size of a little child. And they are only found in New Guinea. Overall it looks like a fictional creature that has exceptional qualities. So no wonder why call it the Dracula’s Parrot!

Dracula's Parrots

This bird is referred to as vulturine parrot and also as Pesquet’s parrot. It is found only in New Guinea. Most importantly it is only in the forests in the foothills and lower mountains.

The Dracula Parrot is more attention-winning with some exceptional features such as a bright scarlet plumage and a dark, dusty gray tail, back, and chest. These birds are found to be quite large in its body scale getting up to 18 inches long from beak to the tip of the tail. And it is only when the bird is fully grown as according to the reports by Red List.

Dracula's Parrots

What do you think about Dracula’s parrot name? One of the main reasons for the name is its frightening call. It is quite harsh and rough sound almost like a howling making the terrifying in its feel. And also found to scream out in flying. So it is a very terrifying call coming from a bird. And how its look matches its sound brings the ideal combination making us remind about the Dracula feel.

The Dracula parrot feeds on a few kinds of figs and has a face with no feathers. As to many of the ideas that came out it has come in this nature to prevent fruit pulp getting mat on the feathers when it eats. So this creature is a nature’s wonderful creation.

Dracula's Parrots

We hardly find anyone have ever heard of this bird. As of course they are found in a very low number in its appearance and are almost in danger of extinction. And by now, there are only about 20,000 to 49,000 adult parrots live out there, which is too found in a decreasing point.

The decline is mainly because of its feathers. Many hunters are looking to get feathers from the Dracula parrot not taking the fact how important it is to save this bird kind. Simply as in many cases, the environment is being overrun by the mankind in here as well.

These parrots do well in areas where a very low human population density is found. So for them western and central Papua New Guinea, are the best area to live which found an area with a rough environment for mankind.

Isn’t it interesting to see? What do you think about this exception bird?