A very rare Rain Bomb is Falling- Incredible story

Rain Bomb which is called microburst in the technical term is something that gets hard in the eyes. And from my side, this is the first time I get this in my ears. But this is something happens in real showing the miracles of nature.

The incident in more descriptive words is this happens where dry/ hot air rises and gets combined with clouds that bear heavy-rain.

Most of the water dewdrops in the clouds fade away, affecting an instant cooling of the air around.  And that makes it start to sink. The falling air is pulling all the remaining raindrops. And it creates one hell of a rainstorm which is incredible to watch.



 Farmer Peter Thompson captured Rain bomb in Queensland, Australia

Rain bomb

Photo Credit: Peter Thompson

Here is a graph describing how it takes place

Here’s a graph showing how it happens

Rain Bomb

Rare Wet Microburst

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