‘Hurry Up Dad!’, Impatient Boxer Honks The Horn When Owner Is Late

‘Hurry Up Dad!’, Impatient Boxer Learns to Honk The Horn When Its Been Too Long

At some point in time, we all have experienced those moments where we would sit in our car staring dead-eyed into the parking lot of a supermarket just waiting impatiently with the ticking of time slowly for that particular person (family member, lover, friend, etc) to finish shopping right? Well, it’s not just us humans who feel it anymore.

Meet Wally, the impatient and attention needing boxer who honks the horn whenever he feels his owner takes too much time. Wally is 2 years old, and he has definitely learned some unique tricks to get attention.

Tyler Fust, a 32-year-old dairy farmer is Wally’s human companion. Tyler said that he was in a shop near his home in Wausau, Wisconsin, US for no more than two minutes when he heard a familiar horn blaring outside the store. Immediately Tyler knew it was Wally, as he had learned this trick about six months ago and uses this cheeky trick whenever he wants his human’s attention. Wally has learned tricks like the opening of doors whether it’s a push or pull with his paw.

Watch the video below to see Wally blaring the horn impatiently:

Video Credits: Tyler Fust

The dairy farmer filmed the hysterical footage of Wally honking the horn with his paw like a boss but did not stop honking it till Tyler had stepped out of the shop and opened the door of his Ford pickup truck.

What made the video extremely more amusing was the serious side-eye that was given to Tyler by his canine to really hit home the huff.

The video racked up more than 5000 shares and 220,000 views after it was uploaded on Facebook, with many commenting Wally’s sassy but adorable attitude towards Tyler.

Image Credits: Kennedy News