Fisherman From Dingle, Keeps Lonely Dolphin Company During Lockdown


We have heard various stories since this lockdown of how animals are behaving with no human interaction to destroy their habitats. While some animals seem happy about it, some miss the presence of humans seen on a daily basis.

Fungie the Dolphin, is one of those animals who miss the affection and attention of his human friends. Fungie is also known as the famous Dingle Dolphin. This male bottlenose has been famously living off the Irish waters in County Kerry ever since 1983.

Image Credits: Karolina Van Rensburg

In a study published last year by the Guinness World Records, Fungie was named as the world’s longest-lived solitary dolphin. Over the past few decades, Fungie has gained the attraction of tourists, to which he has become accustomed now. Tourists would get on the so-called ‘Fungie Boats’ and pay much of attention and affection towards this friendly dolphin who now misses it so dearly.

Image Credits: Dingle Sea Safari

A kind and lovely fisherman named Jimmy Flannery makes sure Fungie gets all the attention and affection he deserves by paying two visits on a daily basis after Mr. Flannery and a few other fishermen noticed Fungie is not his normal self.

Mr. Flannery is a well-experienced fisherman from Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland who has helped found the local fishermen’s group and also runs the Dingle Sea Safari.

Image Credits: Karoline Van Rensburg

Let’s all genuinely hope Fungie is feeling better now that he has a friend whose visits means everything to him in this catastrophic situation we are facing.

Watch Fungie the Dolphin interact with some of his admirers below: