Contestant Of MasterChef Spain Serves Up A Dead Bird To Judges

Contestant of Masterchef Spain Serves up a Dead Bird to Judges

We all have watched the different national editions of the famous culinary contest MasterChef, where contestants on the show constantly work hard to create culinary masterpieces that viewers at home salivate at till they drown.

Each episode sees a challenge where chefs have to prepare something scrumptious with all sorts of ingredients and whatever they are given to work with. Despite that fact, one contestant found a challenge just too difficult to handle.

Season 8 MasterChef Spain kicked out Saray Carrillo, a 27-year-old LGBT social worker for serving the judges a whole, unplucked and uncooked partridge.

Saray was reportedly squeamish about having to pluck the bird’s feathers for that week’s challenge. She had complained that some feedback given to her in the past few challenges were rather harsh or unfair.

She brought up the plate to the judges with her face oozing with confidence while some contestants were seen covering their faces. The dish was, even more, the least appetizing to look at after Saray had garnished the dish with tomatoes, cherries, and some sauce.

After hearing an earful from the judges, she was demanded to leave the competition immediately by a celebrity chef and judge Jordi Cruz. With that saying, she took off her apron unfazed and bid ‘bye-bye’ to the competition.

As the shocking TV moment became the focus of most social media platforms, Saray received unexpected support from Trade Union CCOO’s RTVE, which issued a statement stating that Saray should get an apology as she was mistreated.

This bizarre event is considered the most talked incident in MasterChef’s history.

Watch that shocking moment in the video below:

Video and Images Credits: RTVE