The Four Major Types Of Vaping Devices

Types Of Vaping Devices

With so many brands in the market and most products having similar sounding features, it is natural for a first-time buyer of e-cigarettes to get confused. And the area that confuses most first-timers is the type of vaping devices they should go for. Is the box mod better than the pod? What exactly is Cigalike? Your confusion is completely understandable, and you have reached the right place to find the answers.

There are four varieties of e-cigarettes available for vape New Zealand at present. So, when you check the components of your kit, you can expect to have any one of these four e- cigs described below.

Types Of Vaping Devices


Cigalike is the oldest variant you can get. This is the electronic cigarette that absolutely looks like a real cigarette. The look is definitely attractive, but the functionality is the problem with this one. The vapor produced is too less, and you will not have any kind of battery autonomy. The refills that you will need for this, you will only get with the particular brand and not everywhere. Thus, the choice is limited, but the price is high. If you have picked up vaping as a method of smoking cessation, then this will just not do the work for you.

Tube Mod:

The word ‘mod’ here stands for modified, as you can call this a modified electronic cigarette. It is larger than a cigalike and has a cylindrical shape of the body. The battery capacity in these is generally high enough to last a day. The tube mods have settings that let you control the quantity of vapor. The atomizer can get changed according to your needs. The tube mods give you a high option of personalizing the product.

Box Mod:

The box mod is similar to the tube mod with the major difference being in its shape. While the tube mods are cylindrical, the box mods are square or rectangular in shape. Most of the modern box mods have the option of using removable batteries. The box mods give you more of an ergonomic hold on the product which prevents it from slipping out of your hands.


Pods are a lot similar to cigalike, and it is best to call them an improved version of cigalike. It gives better nicotine diffusion and vapor output than cigalike. The USB key format makes it easy to carry around in your pockets. However, the battery capacity is not satisfactory, and they require frequent charging. Many pod manufacturers partner with e-liquid companies to assimilate branded stuff in the cartridges. But that is not much of a plus as you will still need to buy supported refills with the original device.

Types Of Vaping Devices

Signing Off

E-cigs are great options if you are thinking of moving away from smoking. The fact that you are getting the smoke minus some of the major side-effects is the main factor behind the high demand of e-cigs. Now, this handy guide will make buying the right kind of e-cigarette even easier for you.