Dog Owner Shares Photos Of His Dog Squatting In Weird Positions

Dog Owner Shares Photos Of His Dog Squatting In Weird Positions

Dogs are known to have an extremely strong bond with humans since the past. Dogs are the best pet animals that anyone can ever have because their love if forever and unconditionally given. They are loyal, good at cuddles, their positive attitude is so infectious, they keep us active, and well, they poop in hilarious ways which make us wonder at some point, “Is it just my dog or is it a genetic thing in dogs?”. So what more can you ask for? They bring unlimited happiness to our lives and leave a trail of memories when they are gone.

Will Formico, a Facebook user recently posted up some photos of his furry companion taking dookies in very odd positions which are hilarious and nasty at the same time. Will, have posted the images with the caption asking if it is only just his dog who does it. Well, luckily Will’s dog is not the only one who squats in weird positions to poop.

Dog Squatting

Image Credits: Will Formico

As soon as the photos were posted, plenty of dog owners shared photos of their dogs on Facebook squatting in equally similar odd positions while pooping and it was established that this is a thing that some dogs have or do. It seems dogs take the ‘communing with nature’ seriously. But yet there is no universal explanation to this whatsoever.

Scroll down to take a look at these amusing photos of various dogs squatting in a very do-not-disturb mode.

#1 Anyone Else Got A Dog That Takes Dukeys In Weird Positions?

Labrador Squatting

Image Credits: Will Formico


Dog, Tree, Plants

Image Credits: Will Formico


Labrador on Grass

Image Credits: Angelica Richter



Dog Pooping

Image Credits: Monica Magoon


Mountain View With Dog

Image Credits: Alexandra Barker


Husky Against A Tree

Image Credits: Myranda Roberson


German Shepherd Against Tree

Image Credits: Rachel Shetler


Dog in the Street

Image Credits: Jordan Parkhurst


Dog in the Pot

Image Credits: Candida Patricia Araya


Husky in the Woods

Image Credits: Jodie Barnard


German Shepherd near Fence

Image Credits: Allie Cameron


River, Mountain

Image Credits: Jordanna Bond