Signs Of Clogged Ears And How To Unclog Them

Signs Of Clogged Ears And How To Unclog Them

Having a clogged ear can be irritating, a serious inconvenience, and at times a serious health risk. Wooziness, ear pain, itchiness, and stuffiness are some indications that show when you have congested ears.

Clogging of ears happens for many reasons, at times can be a health risk or sometimes a non-health risk, but it depends on what the cause is. Colds, water in the ears, loss of hearing, altitude changes, wax build-up in the ear are some causes for a blocked ear.

Child with ear pain

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In most cases they are treatable but make sure that it is nothing serious going on inside the ear as soon as you notice signs of clogged ears.

Here are signs of blocked ears and ways to unclog it;

1. Sinus Pain and Stuffiness
This is caused by congestion in the Eustachian Tube. It makes the ears heavy which eventually adds pressure to your sinus.
By looking up, staying hydrated, blowing your nose right away, and balancing the temperature can relieve such stuffiness. Pain medication, decongestant sprays, and decongestant tablets will also help.

2. Muffled Hearing
Feeling full, congested, and stuffy, where it gets to the point everything you hear is muffled.
Ways to get rid of this feeling,
Flush out the ear
Clean out your ears (Olive oil, baby oil, and mineral oil)
Use a few drops of hydrogen peroxide

3. Wooziness
This is caused when excess pressure builds up in your ear. Consult a doctor if dizziness continues.

4. Cold or Cough
If you are feeling a bit of a block in your ear and at the same time display flu-like symptoms it is likely a block in the ear.
Natural methods to unclog the ear,
Apply a warm compress near your ear
Steam your face
Essential oils
Gargle with saltwater

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5. Discharge from ears or other signs
Immediately consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Feel free to try natural methods but get the required medication if the situation is serious.