Young Men With ED: Causes & Treatments

Around 30 million men in the United States suffer from erectile dysfunction, which made them unable to perform a firm erection. Although it is frequently experienced by older men, it also potentially affects younger men. In this case, ED can be triggered by an unhealthy lifestyle, physical diseases, or mental health issues. This condition can be a nuisance to your sexual life and relationship with your partner, therefore it is in everyone’s best interest to receive erectile dysfunction medication Australia as soon as possible. However, to make sure that you are on the right treatment, it is important to understand the roots of your problem.

Young Men With ED

Generally, ED occurs when the penis doesn’t receive adequate blood to form a firm erection that can endure long enough during sex. In some severe cases, the patients cannot perform an erection at all. According to some statistical information, at least 8% of men aged 20 to 29 and 11% of men aged 30 to 39 struggle with erectile dysfunction. There are various reasons why this happens.

  • Age

Even though getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that you will suffer from ED, it still serves as one of the frequent factors for the development of ED. Men have a 40% risk of being afflicted with ED when they turn 40 years old, and that risk potentially increases by 10% every ten years after that. Adapting a healthy lifestyle will help in avoiding the risk of ED when you get older.

  • Physical illness

Several health issues potentially lead to the development of ED, for instance, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis (arteries blocked with plaques or atheroma), and cardiovascular disease. ED can also be experienced by men who suffer from illnesses such as prostate, spinal cord, or penile impairments like Peyronie’s disease, where men have curved and suffer painful erections due to the scar tissue or plaque that exists inside the penis. In this case, you need to treat the medical conditions effectively to reduce and stop the development of ED.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices

If you lead a certain lifestyle and don’t allocate specific time to do sports or other exercises in your busy schedule, you will have a bigger chance to suffer ED. The probability may increase even higher if you consume alcohol in excessive amounts, smoke cigarettes, and enjoy recreational drugs. Therefore, it is highly recommended to shift to healthier life habits. While you are still young, it is the perfect time to practice more exercises, pay attention to nutrition intake, and quit alcohol and drug consumption.

  • Psychological variables

Sexual performance can be affected by emotional factors, such as stress, depressive symptoms, anxiety, fear of judgment, and embarrassment. Those psychological conditions can lead to impotence or erectile dysfunction. In this case, you may need to consult with a professional to assist you with the psychotherapy process.

Young Men With ED

It is reasonable to feel discouraged and anxious when you deal with erectile dysfunction at a young age. However, you need to throw those worries away and start focusing on improving men’s sexual health by eliminating the causes and regularly follow the suggestions to help you deal with ED.