5 Interesting Horse Racing Facts You Don’t Already Know

Interesting Horse Racing Facts

Horse racing is a thrilling sport to watch in person or on television.

When researching horse racing facts, the average individual has plenty to learn. The sport has been around for centuries making the history behind it one of the most interesting and extensive to learn.

Before you watch another race, take the time to learn about the sport’s unknown facts. Although it isn’t as popular or fast-paced as football or basketball, horse racing has a rich history behind it.

If you enjoy horse racing, here are 5 facts you may not know about it.

  1. The Sport of Kings

How did horse racing start? Deemed “the Sport of Kings,” horse racing was originally used for politics.

Centuries ago, the First Duke of Newcastle, William Cavendish, was one of the first individuals to jockey a horse. He was known for his expertise in finishing horses and men, teaching King Charles I and II to ride them.

Only the elite was using personal riding horses at this time. Specifically speaking, King Charles II was especially prone to riding and participating in horse racing events.

  1. Fastest Race Horse

As far as speed goes, horses rank 17th in speed on land among other animals. At their peak in the wild, horses can reach speeds of nearly 55 mph, but what about on the race track?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest speed clocked for a racehorse occurred on May 14, 2008. Winning Brew, trained by Francis Vitale, ran at a speed of 43.97 mph over two furlongs of the Penn National Race Course.

  1. Tattoo Horse Racing Facts

To identify a thoroughbred, each horse has a tattoo inside their upper lip with 1 letter and 5 numbers.

This designation indicates the age of the horse and the numbers are used in registration with The Jockey Club. This information can provide a horse’s entire racing career and additional information.

Other breeds have adapted to using this identification method. One downside that lip tattoos experience is the location of this tattoo will fade over time.

  1. Turn Back the Clock

When did horse racing start? Let’s rewind centuries ago.

The year was 1689.

Three stallions were imported to England and the first of the thoroughbred horses started breeding. However, it wasn’t until 1868 (after the Civil War) that organized horse racing made its way over to the United States.

  1. Horse Race Handicapping

A little like golf handicaps, horse racing handicaps are linked to a specific type of horse race where the horses carry a different amount of weight according to their ability.

This gives each runner an equal chance to win the race. This type of weight ranking is also broken down into other types of horse racing sometimes called a conditions race.

There’s plenty more to learn about horse race handicaps that you can continue to read on here.

Interesting Horse Racing Facts

Know the Facts

Horse racing facts show the history behind the sport. Researching these little tidbits can help expand your knowledge of the sport.

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