Best 10 Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters

Have you come up short on thoughts for tricks to do on your trick bike? Perhaps you have heard how to do a stunt or see a companion perform one yet are uncertain how precisely to repeat it on your trick bike. The accompanying records various trick bike stunts, and the means you have to take to play out each. Do you have any idea about Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters?


Regardless of whether performed on half-pipes, slopes, rails or bowls, stunt bike stunts look incredible when shot around the skatepark catching tricks where they were intended to be finished. It is a disgrace not all skateparks owners permit stunt bikes, yet fortunately, some do. So learn here the Best 10 Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters.

What are the Best 10 Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters?

Be cautious while endeavoring each stunt just because and consistently wear security gear when riding your trick bike:


  1. Increase a consistent speed.
  2. Keep your feet a little behind the center of the track bike.
  3. Do a little rabbit bounce.
  4. While you are noticeable all around wind the bar 90 degrees.
  5. When at 90 degrees, turn the bar and catch it before you land once more.
  6. Get back, ashore and ride away.

Indian Air:

  1. Do a rabbit jump.
  2. Take your feet off the deck, returning your foot forward and your front foot back.
  3. Set your feet back on the deck of the trick bike.
  4. Land and roll away.


Nose Manual:

  1. Get a good measure of speed you are OK with.
  2. Take your back foot and push on the casing daintily.
  3. Lean onto your handles immovably then apply a great deal of weight.
  4. Be mindful so as not to lean too hard else you will land face first.
  5. Recline and roll away.


  1. Set your back foot on the brake.
  2. Pull your handles up.
  3. Begin jumping without landing.
  4. Learn advance and recapture balance.


  1. Do a tail whip.
  2. Prior to you, land does a rear tail-whip (a tail whip the contrary route around).
  3. Push the deck with your feet, dissimilar to a typical Tail-whip.
  4. Land and roll away.


Slow down stunts

  1. Rabbit jump onto a check or stage
  2. Recapture your equalization.
  3. Lift up your wheel at that point does a 180-degree turn.
  4. Rollaway.

Switchfoot Pogo:

  1. Set your back foot on the brake
  2. Pull the handles up
  3. Begin jumping without landing
  4. Switch feet
  5. Begin jumping again without landing
  6. Bend
  7. Land

Wheel Spins:

  1. Put your foot on the brake.
  2. Go into a tire-slow down.
  3. Turn around whatever number occasions as could be expected under the circumstances.
  4. Land neatly and roll away.


  1. Fabricate some speed.
  2. Pull your handles up.
  3. Get your equalization.
  4. Take one foot off the track bike.
  5. Land neatly and roll away.

Wheelie pop:

  1. Do a wheelie.
  2. Pull back solidly on the handlebars with the goal that your bike reclines.
  3. Put your feet on the ground.


What do you think about the basic Tricks of Pro Scooters?

Have a fabulous time when playing out these stunts, and furthermore attempt to think of stunts of your own and turn your turn more fun.