Woof! Top 5 Dog Breeds For Protection

There were over 1 million reported burglaries in 2019 according to FBI records. While firearms can be an excellent deterrent against intruders, guard dogs can do wonders as well.

The best dog breeds for protection will alert you of an intruder, and attack them if they enter your premises. Watch dogs are synonymous with home security and can enhance your family’s safety.

Top 5 Dog Breeds For Protection

Many large dog breeds are ideal for home protection, but size isn’t everything. Loyal dogs can be hard to come by and protective dogs can often be more trouble than they’re worth if they lack adequate training.

Read on to find out some of the best dog breeds for protection. That way you can craft your furry friend into a well-disciplined protector.

1. Pit Bull

Pit bulls are loyal companions that are full of love for their owners. That said, their love tends to end there. Once a pit bull locks its jaws on an intruder it won’t let go.

They are full of muscle, can take a licking, and are very intelligent. There are some inaccurate pit bull myths such as them being overly violent. Pit bulls are safe to bring around friends and family assuming you train them right.

2. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a favorite guard dog choice in both the police and military worlds. This is because they are a loyal breed with excellent hearing, physical prowess, and intelligence.

Make sure to train them right and provide them with plenty of exercise time/space. If you do, they will be a loyal companion and be able to provide you close to 10 years of diligent protection.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are an aggressive breed that can be excellent guard dogs if given the proper training. They are thought to be descended from the cattle-herding dogs of the Roman legion left in Germany after an ancient military campaign.

4. Akita

A large and loyal dog that has its roots in guarding the lives of Japanese royalty. This intelligent breed is often good to start guarding “out of the box” and can do so with little or no training.

5. Mastiff Dog Breeds for Protection

From the stately Bullmastiff with its amiable attitude to the giant Tibetan Mastiff, there are many great breeds of Mastiff to choose from as your guard dog.

Mastiffs tend to be one of the larger dog breeds so make sure to take this into account when choosing a home for them.

Like all guard dogs, adequate training is needed to make them safe around family and menacing towards intruders. Mastiffs have natural guard-dog instincts making them a prime choice for your home and family protection.

Top 5 Dog Breeds For Protection

Keep Your Family Safe

In this day and age with rampant crime and civil disorder, you need to prioritize your family’s safety. What better way to ensure it than by getting a loyal furry companion?

Select between the five best dog breeds for protection listed in this article to make sure that you’re getting the safest and smartest dog for your needs. For other amazing information read some more articles on our website.