Sneaky Kitty Opens Cookie Container,Takes A Bite Out Of Every Cookie

Sneaky Kitty Opens Cookie Container And Takes A Bite Out Of Every Cookie

Cats are little fur balls that are sneaky, obviously lazy, and mischievous. But this one particular cat has drawn the attention of so many on social media for her mischievousness taken to the next level. Nellie, a Calico kitty who lives in Illinois with her owner, Allison Riebel, who is a veterinary student.

We all know when cats want treats that are especially off-limits it would meow and pester its way to get it. However, Nellie seems to get it herself, when she wants it without the help of a human.

A Cat meowing

Allison baked some cookies to share with her fellow volunteers at the Wildlife Medical Clinic. So after they were baked and kept to cool down, Riebel stored all of them in a Tupperware container and then headed upstairs. Even though she knew Nellie is a cat that tends to get into shenanigans, she never thought Nellie would do something so mischievously intelligent.

Brown, White, and Black Cat staring

Little Nellie, however, did not resist being a sneaky little kitty once again. Nellie strolled to the kitchen and somehow managed to open the sealed container by herself. She then took each cookie out one by one if not they would have broken, and then scattered them on the kitchen floor so that she could a bite out of each cookie, said Allison. Nellie is a smart little kitty if you ask me.

Cookies scattered on a table

However, Nellie did not feel one bit of guilt for her actions but felt the complete opposite – proud of herself, said Riebel. No matter what animal you have as a pet its never a dull moment with them in our lives.

Image Credits: Allison Riebel