Top 5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Pet Photographers

There’s not much in this world like sharing special moments with your best friend. And when your best friend is your pet, time is precious. But, of course, we live in a world of selfies and social media.

But what about making it extra-special and finding a pet photographer who can capture those moments in high-definition forever? Please keep reading for our top 5 factors to consider when selecting pet photographers.

Selecting Pet Photographers

  1. Check Their Portfolio

If you’re looking for a pet photographer, check out their work from the onset. This often exists in the form of a website portfolio.

You may have found someone willing to give you a great deal, but their work will show if they are affordable for a reason or not. Also be aware that with the portfolio, digital photos look very different to printed pictures, so ask to see printed samples if that’s your end goal.

  1. What Are Their Specialisms?

Most pet photographers are happy to take shots of a multitude of pets. But you should be able to tell from their portfolio if they have a particular specialism.

Pet photography should also be complementary to the pet photographer’s style. If you’re looking for a studio feel, you will want a specialized photographer in that field.

If live shots are your thing and you have an animal that exudes personality, think about building a strong relationship with a photographer with a similar personality. The same applies if you’re after something more arty or comedic – there are photographers for every preference out there for pet photography.

  1. Additional Services

A good photographer will give you high-resolution images, but they can also offer other services too. Prints, videos, even merchandise are options you might want to consider. If you’re looking for more than just the standard album, ask the photographer what other services they can provide.

Selecting Pet Photographers

  1. Reviews and Experience

Take a look at reviews online from other clients. For example, the photographer might have an excellent portfolio, but if they’re being reviewed on Google and Trustpilot with three stars and comments such as “turned up late, not very friendly,” then ask yourself which do you value more?

For some, that won’t be an issue because the photo is what matters, but if you’re going to be in the photo as well, if you’re not having a good day, your pet will know. And for that reason, even the best photographer can’t capture the happiness that isn’t there.

  1. Value for Money

Photographers can vary in cost depending on how much experience and service you’re after. If you’re not sure what your budget is, ask the potential photographer to estimate their costs based on what they envisage will be provided.

And, remember that their value comes with how their photos turn out. When you remember that capturing a perfect moment on camera is priceless, the value of a top-end photographer suddenly becomes clear. Click here to find out more!

Take Time When Selecting Pet Photographers

It can be difficult to know how much you should be spending on your pet’s special portraits. But paying too little can leave your pet looking ordinary and cheap while paying too much is often unrealistic.

These factors will help you when selecting pet photographers who align with your budget and the personal style of photos you want. After all, life is precious. You and your pets deserve the best memories for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Selecting Pet Photographers

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