8 Animal Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Most Americans have at least one pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat, or something more unusual, like a lizard or a bunny. Animals provide companionship, but did you know they’re also hard workers with jobs?

animal jobs

Throughout history, there have been plenty of unique animal jobs. For example, we used to use leeches to predict if a storm was coming.

There are still plenty of animal jobs to be had in our modern world. Let’s take a look at eight interesting jobs that you didn’t know about.

1. Service Animals

You’ve no doubt heard about service dogs before. Many people with disabilities ranging from vision or hearing issues to emotional and psychiatric issues have one to help them navigate the world.

Did you know that dogs aren’t the only ones who help those with disabilities? Small primates and monkeys have been trained to act like a personal assistant to those with mobility issues.

 Animal Jobs

2. Water Purity Tester

Clams are very sensitive to pollutants and changes in the water. That’s how they got a unique animal job in the Polish city of Poznan as water purity testers.

The clams are placed near sensors that detect their movements. If they close their shells, the sensor goes off and alerts the workers that there are issues with water purity.

3. Chief Mouser

Since the reign of King Henry VIII, there has always been a cat employed as Chief Mouser to the crown. That tradition continues to modern times with a cat appointed to this position at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence.

Animal Jobs

4. Law Enforcement

Wondering what do K9 dogs do? Besides going on patrol and chasing down bad guys, they help sniff out bombs or dangerous substances.

They’re not the only animals in law enforcement. Don’t forget all of the highly trained horses that some police officers ride on patrol.

5. Finding Land Mines

African giant rats are a large species of rodent that are fast and light enough to sniff out land mines. This weird animal job that they and their trainers do save people’s lives and limbs from hidden danger.

Animal Jobs

6. Bomb-Sniffing Bees

Bees are being trained to associate the smell of dangerous bomb-making chemicals with sugar water so that their behavior tips off law enforcement about any imminent threat. They’re easy to conceal and can be taken to areas without tipping anyone off.

7. Mayor of Rabbit Hash

Rabbit Hash is a small American town of less than 400 people. They’ve made a big impression on the world by having a dog as mayor since 1998.

8. Living Lawn Mowers

Sheep are an all-natural way to take care of any overgrown lawn. One Canadian vineyard uses them to prune their vines for a better harvest and provide fertilizer for their grapes.

Animal Jobs

Interesting Animal Jobs

Humans and animals have been living in harmony for hundreds of years and now they’re working together, too. These interesting animal jobs are proof that you can trust your four legged friend to get the job done.

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