Sarge, The German Shepherd Dog That Babysits Little Fawns

Sarge, the German Shepherd Dog That Babysits Little Fawns

The German Shepherd canine breed is known for its courage, dedication, and guarding impulses. They are likewise intelligent, spirited, and agile, which makes them the ultimate service dog for almost all categories. German Shepherds are also known for coexisting with kids and other pets if they are raised along with them and is a cherished family pet.

Not just the German Shepherd breed but all breeds show unconditional love, respect, and loyalty towards their humans, which is something we don’t deserve at times. That is why Sarge, a 9-year-old German Shepherd has stepped forward to show how important a canine is and how loving, kind, and caring they could be.

Sarge is a kind, loyal, and once in a while a little mischief little pup (not so little as I say though) who lives with a few of his animal friends along with his fellow human family. Sarge is one of those dogs we see every time we scroll on Instagram or Facebook. But what makes Sarge special from the others is that he is a little babysitter for little fawns himself. He does give each and every one of his friends the love they deserve but seem to have a special interest in little fawns that are brought to the house injured or orphaned.

This canine helps care for all the injured and orphaned wildlife. But when it comes to fawns, it’s quite a different story.

This all began when one day some orphaned deer had come to their house and among them was a little fawn, who was later named Buckwheat. Cheryl, Sarge’s owner was not so sure of how he would react but surprisingly he was gentle and caring to all in some way. However, Buckwheat and Sarge built a very unique and special friendship.

Sarge would rarely leave Buckwheat’s side. He became Buckwheat’s guardian and guided and helped through on road to recovery as Buckwheat’s legs were too wobble to walk for weeks, Sarge kept his pace and walked alongside him. They would sleep side-by-side and were each other’s personal pillows.

Buckwheat eventually grew and if he ever tended to venture too far, Sarge would head out in search of him and bring him back to where he belongs.

As time passed by, Cheryl decided that it was time to do the right thing which was to let Buckwheat back into the wild. As their story spread and gained attention, people started to reach out for help in rehabilitating injured and orphaned fawns.

Now every time a baby arrives, Sarge would jump in excitement like its “Christmas Morning”.

Sadly, not all fawns make it. The loss influences Sarge so personally where he would spend days grieving for the lost soul. He would sometimes lie on the fawn’s grave for hours, refusing to leave them alone, and come inside.

But despite that fact, Sarge continues to persevere in his work with the fawns, which he loves what he does. They are also met with the same love and enthusiasm as Buckwheat.



Image Credits: buckys_porch