3 Dieting Tips That Actually Work

Since the 1900s, scientists and businesses have been coming out with diet fads to try and help people lose weight. However, after just a couple of years, most of them end up debunked and useless.

If you can’t trust those diets, who can you trust to give you dieting tips that really keep off the weight? These weight loss tips are simple adjustments to make to your life and meal planning so that you can lose the weight and keep the weight off naturally.

Dieting Tips That Actually Work

1. Batch Cook and Meal Prep

The best diets are the ones that acknowledge the truth of your already busy life. The truth is that most people end up eating unhealthy because it’s the quickest option.

When you come home from work, you’re often too tired to make a full healthy meal. So instead you order fast food or cook up some boxed mac and cheese.

Set yourself up for success for the whole week by preparing meals or at least components of meals ahead of time. Cook up a whole bunch of healthy grilled chicken on Sunday. You can sautee vegetables and cook a starch, like rice, ahead of time too. Then, just pop it in the microwave and you’re good to go.

2. Learn Proper Portions

Dieting Tips That Actually Work

While you can use the food pyramid to guide your food shopping habits, you’ll need another visual method to learn diet tips. There’s a proper ratio that can help you make sure that every meal you have is a healthy one.

Half the plate should be vegetables. A quarter of the plate should be healthy whole grains. The final quarter should be devoted to lean protein – such as chicken or fish. Keep in mind that starchy vegetables like potatoes should be counted as a grain for this method.

If you still find that you’re overeating, get smaller plates! The eye has an impact on the appetite and a smaller plate, filled all the way will make you feel fuller than a large plate only half filled.

3. Start the Day With a Good Breakfast

A lot of overeating is caused by hunger cravings throughout the day. So a surprising piece of weight loss advice is actually to eat more!

Eat more at breakfast that is and never skip it. By filling yourself with long-lasting energy at the beginning of the day you’ll avoid sudden hunger pangs later that you’ll try to fill with unhealthy snack foods.

Even if you’re typically too sleepy in the morning to make a full breakfast you can prepare something like overnight oats to make it easy. After breakfast, take fat free supplements, to make sure that energy carries you throughout the day.

Dieting Tips That Actually Work

Dieting Tips That Show Results

Dieting tips shouldn’t be fads that are unbacked by science. They should be simple adjustments you can make to your life so that you feel more satisfied while eating healthier. Make sure that you have a good breakfast, set yourself up for success with meal prepping, and keep an eye on your portion sizes.

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