Can Motorcycle Gears Save Your Life?

Can Motorcycle Gears Save Your Life?

Motorcycle accidents are as fatal as car accidents. When a rider is not wearing protective gear, this makes him/her susceptible to injuries or even death. Experts also state to avoid riding the bike if you don’t have a complete set of protective gear. Helmets are known to protect the head from injuries, but the debate on whether motorcycle jackets provide ultimate protection or not is still going on.

Although safety experts claim that jackets provide ultimate protection during an accident, however, there is no actual research that pinpoints the effectiveness of the jacket alone. It is an undeniable fact that riders who are cautious about their safety wear helmets with jackets. This is considered as a perfectly balanced combination to prevent suffering from fatal and serious injuries. A research was conducted in 2011 on three groups of riders. The first ones were those who wore protective pants and jackets; second were the ones who wore just a jacket and third who ride without wearing any protective gear. The results of this study were astonishing, which shows that the first and second category riders suffer less injury during an accident and recovered within the 6 months as compared to those who were unprotected.

Although the data available on whether a motorcycle jacket can save your life is still inconclusive, there are plenty of incidents that can attest, it can protect you during the crash. Experts say that good quality jackets that possess certain characteristics make it more effective. Most of the riders are brand conscious, but they need to realize that brand is not considered a life-saving property. What you need to focus on instead is the material of the jacket, built-in accessories or protective gear that you can add later on easily, perfect size and color.

Also, when you wore a good quality jacket, it is known to increase the rider’s visibility on the road, which plays a crucial factor in saving lives. Bright colors like red, orange and yellow make the rider more visible during the night time. Some jackets have built-in protective covering that secure vulnerable joints and bones, skin, and muscle. On the contrary, some jackets work best with add-on pieces like elbow pads and spine protectors. Leather is the most preferred material in the motorcycle jacket because this makes the jacket tough and tear-resistant. If someone does not prefer to have leather jackets due to any issue and prefer to have a lighter weight jacket, then he/she can opt for alternative synthetic materials.

Can Motorcycle Gears Save Your Life

This shows that you don’t need facts or research to prove that a motorcycle jacket can protect you from minor injuries. All you need is a high-quality, best-fitted jacket, which is a crucial piece of protective gear. It can mitigate the likelihood of getting severe injuries that you can get in a crash.

Apart from jackets, there are other gears as well that you need to keep yourself protected and these are:


When you go out to buy protective gear, the helmet should be your top priority. It is because the helmet is designed in a way that protects your head, face, brain, and neck from getting severe injuries and even concussions, broken bones, and abrasions. In a nutshell, helmet plays a crucial role in your survival.

Protective Gloves

Your hands are not safe, and a motorcycle accident can cause severe damage to your hands. For this purpose, you need a good pair of gloves. Otherwise, you can break bones, lose a finger, get scratches on your skin when hitting against the pavement. With the protective glove, you are reducing the likelihood of getting permanent damage to your hands.

Motorcycle Boots

When you wear motorcycle boots, you are protecting your ankles and feet against fractures and abrasions during a crash. If you are short on budget, then over the ankle work boots will give maximum protection that you need for your riding.

Whether you are a pro rider or a new one, there is no doubt that motorcycle gear can keep you safe on the road. Although defensive riding can prevent accidents a protective gear can save your life.