5 Common Reasons For Divorce In 2022

Everyone knows that around 50% of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce or separation nowadays. But that doesn’t mean that marriages were any better when the divorce rate was lower.

Divorce is less taboo these days. Women, in particular, have less financial dependence on their spouses. Couples are also more likely to disclose their reasons for divorce than sweep them under the carpet.

Curious to know what the most common causes of divorce in 2022 are, so that you can avoid them? Read on to discover the top five ones!

Common Reasons For Divorce

1. Communication

Almost all struggling marriages have communication issues. In a healthy marriage, spouses should be able to share needs, desires, fears, and wants. Partners should always listen and attempt to understand their spouse and vice versa.

Every couple has marital arguments. Spouses are still two different people with different perspectives and upbringings. But couples who yell, call each other nasty names, or don’t talk at all are on the right path to divorce.

2. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons for divorce. But as the Marriage Helper states, many couples who don’t file for divorce go on to enjoy happy marriages.

Infidelity is a betrayal and a breakdown of trust. The offending member needs to rebuild that trust which can take a lot of time and effort. When the unfaithful spouse isn’t willing to put in that effort, the only option for the couple is to get a divorce.

3. Money

Money, or a lack of it, can cause a lot of stress. When you get married, you assume each other’s debts and share most of your finances. If you have incompatible ways of handling money, this can become a big issue.

Spouses who spend a lot of money without telling their partner can cause financial strain and a lack of trust. Or, if one spouse is the breadwinner then that can cause a power imbalance.

4. Addiction

It’s tough when any family member or friend is an addict. Addicts, whether intentional or not, can hurt the people who love them the most over and over again. Couples can overcome addiction and relapses but only if they’re both willing to put in the work.

The love between parents and children could be unconditional. But the love spouses have for each other should have conditions. There are only so many times a spouse can betray the other without ending the relationship.

5. No Intimacy

Most relationships have a lot of intimacy at the beginning. But over the years, the spark fades and intimacy is less of a priority. This can cause married couples to feel more like roommates than spouses.

Physical touch and romantic gestures are all types of intimacy that spouses can do for each other. But if one or both spouses don’t put in the effort, it can lead to feelings of neglect and loneliness that are difficult to overcome.

Learn From These Common Reasons for Divorce

Common Reasons For Divorce

Whether these are adequate reasons for divorce or not, is up for debate. One couple may be able to reignite their intimacy flame, but another might not. Break-ups are between you and your partner and only you can choose the right path.

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