5 Easy Training Tips For Your New Doggo

Training Tips For Your New Doggo

Training your doggo doesn’t have to be difficult! You just have to remember that aside from routine exercise, your dog’s mind also needs to be stimulated! Therefore, doggy obedience training should be part of your regular care routine, otherwise, they may form some unwanted habits, and we know how troublesome these can be…

There are so many good things you can do from your dog, from good quality food to pet insurance, walks and more, and obedience training is one of the best things you can do for their health and wellbeing.

Check out these five simple tips for training your pup to be a pro doggo.

  1. Maintain positivity in training sessions

Dogs learn best through rewards and positive reinforcement. This means ignoring or not rewarding bad behavior and giving them a little treat when they do the right thing. The more you reward their good behavior, the more likely they are to repeat as they get older.

  1. Patience is a virtue

Dogs learn differently to one another and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to obedience training. Therefore, you have to be patient and ready to return to the basics if your dog is struggling to pick up a new, positive behavior. Finally, be sure to tell any dog walkers, obedience trainers or sitters about the training methods you are incorporating so that they don’t use different ones and confuse your little doggo!

  1. Be clear with your communication

A good way to start here is by using a “marker word” – this is a word, like “yes” or “good” that you use when your dog behaves well and is about to be rewarded. You begin using a marker word by teaching your dog what, exactly, the word means. Break up their favorite treat into a smaller portion and say the word before giving them some of the treats.

At first, this word will have little meaning to your dog, but as you continue to practice they will begin to understand what it means. Try this out five to seven times, take a five-minute break and then repeat the process. You can then go on to use the marker word every time your dog behaves well and is deserving of a treat. Say the word and then give them the treat – they will soon catch on that this marker word rewards them for behaving well, and that they will be rewarded for behaving well.

Note: A reward doesn’t have to be a treat – it could also be their favorite toy or a nice pat!

  1. You have to be there for your dog!

To ensure your dog is consistently trained, you should apply yourself to consistently training them! This means ensuring your dog knows that you are there for them and are going to help them learn awesome new behaviors! This is achieved through things like engaging, playing, and, of course, training them.

Training Tips For Your New Doggo

  1. Consistency is key

It can be hard to maintain consistency when training your dog, but it is important for ensuring they learn the right behavior in the future. For example, you shouldn’t allow your dog to jump all over friends and relatives, as they will then go on to do this to unsuspecting strangers at the park. Sure, many people love a cuddle with a random doggo, but not everyone – so consistency is definitely key!

You also have to maintain consistent cues for your dog. This means using the same word for the same action, e.g. “off” for jumping off the couch or “down” for not jumping up on people. Dogs certainly learn a lot quicker when their communication is clear and consistent, and using the same words for the same actions is an important one so that they know exactly what you are talking about.