The Benefits Of A Complete Smile Makeover

33% of Americans are unhappy with their smiles and 36% think they’ll have better social lives if they improve their smiles.

Do you agree with them? Then you might be itching to change your teeth, especially if you’ve felt self-conscious about them for years.

A cosmetic dentist can offer several treatments, but you can pick and choose a few for a smile makeover. This will ensure you get the pearly whites you’ve always wanted!

Are you curious what you can get from this treatment? Then keep reading to see all the benefits you can get from a smile makeover.

 Complete Smile Makeover

You’ll Have Better Oral Hygiene

Teeth in bad shape not only look bad, but they can also affect your oral hygiene.

For example, crooked teeth are hard to brush, which can then lead to more cavities. And missing teeth can cause bone erosion and infections.

When you have 2 rows of beautiful teeth, it’ll be easier to handle oral hygiene. And because you have the smile you’ve always wanted, you’ll have more motivation to maintain it too!

It’ll Restore Function

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t purely for aesthetics; it can restore function too!

It can be painful and/or uncomfortable to eat, so you only use certain teeth to chew. But a smile makeover can restore function to all your teeth!

Also, it might be hard to enunciate words because of crooked or missing teeth. But with a teeth makeover, you’ll be able to pronounce every word clearly and communicate effectively again!

It’ll Improve Your Confidence

Are you always hiding your smile or laughter behind a hand? Do you have anxiety over how you’ll pose for photos? All this might not seem like much, but they chip away at your confidence and self-esteem.

When you get a smile makeover from a dentist like, you’ll feel good about yourself again. When you can speak, eat, laugh, and smile without worry, everyone will see how radiant you are!

Because you get a boost in confidence, this can help immensely with your mental health.

It Gives Better First Impressions

Americans find it important to have good teeth, so it’ll be one of the first things they look at when meeting someone new. Teeth in poor shape give the impression that the person’s sloppy and not hygienic.

Whether you’re going on a first date or a job interview, having a perfect smile is sure to give a good first impression! When you flash those pearly whites, it’ll facilitate fantastic interactions.

Schedule a Smile Makeover Today

 Complete Smile Makeover

A smile makeover offers so many benefits, with the most important being improved self-confidence. Because it can also restore function, a smile makeover will be worth every dollar you spend.

So why not get started today? Contact your dentist and ask about a complete smile makeover. It’ll be an exciting new chapter in your life!

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