What You Should Know About Smoking Kratom Powder

Did you know that kratom has been used in parts of Southeast Asia for centuries?

Traditionally, kratom was used in ceremonies and to boost the energy of farm laborers. Today, it’s used in the Western world to help with chronic pain, addiction, and more.

If you’re considering taking kratom, you should know that smoking kratom powder is possible, but not the best idea. There are a number of health problems associated with smoking kratom and far safer alternatives for ingestion.

We’re going to tell you all of that and more in this quick guide on smoking kratom powder.

About Smoking Kratom Powder

Can You Smoke Kratom?

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia, where it’s traditionally consumed as dried leaves and not the kratom bulk powder we find in the US. The dried kratom leaves are brewed into tea or chewed. Sometimes, the leaves are smoked.

There are a few reasons why a user may choose to smoke rather than ingest kratom. First, the effects of smoking are felt faster than when a substance is ingested orally. Second, smoking kratom has a stimulant effect on the brain which also induces relaxation.

Possible Risks of Smoking Kratom Powder

The most important risk you should know about is related to the act of smoking in general. Smoking any substance, including smoking kratom powder, has an adverse effect on your lungs, which are not designed to inhale smoke. Inhaling smoke significantly increases the risk of lung disease.

Another issue around smoking kratom powder has to do with kratom powder dosage. Kratom powder isn’t intended for smoking, which makes it difficult to know what a proper dosage would be. Taking a larger dose than you require can cause unpleasant side effects.

How to Take Kratom Powder Safely

One of the most common and traditional ways of taking kratom powder is in tea. Simmer the kratom powder to preserve as many of the alkaloids as possible. The effects of kratom should kick in approximately 15 minutes after drinking the tea.

If you’re accustomed to the taste of kratom, you might try the toss and wash method. Take your dosage of kratom, place it directly in your mouth with a sip of water, and swallow it. Using this method, you preserve all of the alkaloids in the kratom and you should feel the effects of the kratoms within 15 minutes.

Kratom capsules are a tasteless and effective method for ingesting kratom. Although convenient, the downside to this method of taking kratom is that it takes some time for your body to break down the capsule. That means that you don’t feel the effects of the kratom for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

About Smoking Kratom Powder

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Smoking kratom powder is possible, but it’s not worth the potential risks. Those risks include lung disease and taking a larger dose of kratom than intended. Instead, try brewing kratom into a tea or taking convenient capsules.

And for more information on alternative methods to keeping yourself healthy, read through our health section regularly.