3 Ideas For A Perfectly Perfect Small Intimate Wedding

There’s nothing like anticipating and organizing a wedding, but if you end up with a few inches of spare space at your large-scale ceremony, it can leave you feeling a little disappointed.

A small intimate wedding is a great compromise to avoid that outcome while still giving you the opportunity to have the celebration you’ve dreamed of.

Small Intimate Wedding

Not sure where to start? Check out some of our suggestions below!

  1. Embracing a Minimalist Aesthetic for Your Small Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples embrace a minimalist aesthetic for their day. It’s a great way to keep costs down and make the day special in other ways.

There are many ideas for a small intimate wedding that feel personal and unique. Couples could opt for outdoor vintage décor, an outdoor BBQ, or brunch for their reception.

They could also choose to have a smaller guest list, fewer decorations, and less food. A small wedding cake, personalized favors, and simple decorations will add personal touches. Instead of traditional table decorations, couples could have blankets and pillows for guests to sit on.

Having a small wedding is all about making your day unique and having more time for the people who matter most. It’s an opportunity to make your special day unforgettable without breaking the bank.

  1. Taking Advantage of an Unforgettable Venue

Small wedding ideas can take advantage of an unforgettable venue. When the guest list is kept small, it allows for a more personalized venue experience.

For example, if there is a romantic garden setting, a small wedding can create a more intimate atmosphere for the ceremony. Instead of a vast open space, a focused smaller area can make a dramatic look and feel.

Consider a smaller arch or flowers just for the bride and groom that can provide an even more romantic setting. Lean into the atmosphere and get creative with smaller details like candles, tea lights, and fabric to create an intimate and memorable experience for the couple.

If a chappel wedding is in your future, you can still keep your intimate wedding ideas in mind. From décor to seating and even the program of events, the chapel itself provides a unique setting for your special day. Consider all inclusive wedding chapel packages for a seamless chapel wedding.

  1. Don’t Forget the Details: Ideas for Favors and Centerpieces

Intimate weddings can be incredibly special occasions. When it comes to making sure the details aren’t forgotten, favors and centerpieces are a great way to personalize your event and make the space feel warm and special.

A few ideas for wedding favors could include personalized wedding mugs or stemless wine glasses for your guests to enjoy, as well as small handmade soaps or candles. For centerpieces, you can opt for small potted plants or green herb gardens. Petite floral arrangements with a few wildflowers, succulents, and moss are also a great touch.

If you’re opting for candles, you can use simple votives and small jugs to create a stunning centerpiece. These details will make your intimate wedding feel extra special and meaningful!

A Special Celebration: Making the Most of an Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Small Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples look for more personal and meaningful ways to exchange vows and celebrate their nuptials. From creative venues to unique decorations and personalized menu options, you can create a beautiful and intimate wedding no matter what your budget. Start planning today and have the small intimate wedding of your dreams!

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