Installing Solar Panel For Your Home? Here Are 6 House Construction Tips

Solar panels, also known as PV panels, convert the light energy from the sun into electric energy that can be used to power many electrical appliances. Today solar panels are gaining popularity as people are getting more aware of the environment and their responsibilities towards it. By adopting solar energy and getting solar panels for your home, you are not only reducing your electricity bills but also your carbon footprint. When it comes to choosing a solar energy supplier, read the Gexa Energy reviews to learn about their happy customers and choose a plan that fits your needs.

solar panels for your home

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Before you decide to install solar panels for your home, Let’s have a look at different types of solar panels available in the market.

Types of solar panels:

  • Monocrystalline PERC Panels

The monocrystalline cells of these panels are made of a slice cut from a single crystal of silicon. Monocrystalline panels have a smooth texture and are visibly thick. Even during adverse atmospheric conditions like low light and high temperature, these panels work efficiently and generate high power. They work perfectly even during adverse conditions because the Monocrystalline PERC Panel’s solar cells come with an additional back layer film that helps them absorb scattered or reflected sunlight.

The price range varies from ₹ 25 to ₹ 30 per watt. They come with 25 years of performance warranty and have an anti-reflective coating for more light absorption.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels

The cells of these panels are a slice cut from a silicon block; it consists of several crystals fragmented together. Perfect for the Indian weather conditions, these panels have a lower production cost compared to that of monocrystalline panels. Moreover, they are weather-resistant and offer excellent low light performance. The price range varies from ₹ 20 to ₹ 40 per watt. These plates come with a five-year warranty, and you can choose either 12 Volt or 24 Volt depending upon your requirement.

Installing solar panels at your home might seem like a task, but with these six simple construction tips, you can install them perfectly without any inconvenience:

Installing Solar Panel for Your Home

Tip No. 1:  Set Up Space on The Roof

Always ensure that there is enough space on the roof and the stairs. The staircase should be at least one-meter wide so that the panels can be lifted and moved easily.

Tip No. 2: Set Up the Stand First

Set up the solar stand first, exactly where you plan to install the solar panels for your home. So that during the process of installation, there is no damage. Therefore, erecting scaffolding on the roof would be a good idea before starting the process.

Tip No.3: Check the Wiring

Make sure you have the right kind of wiring; in most cases, MC4 connectors are used because they are suitable for all types of solar panels. Also, it is necessary to have a two-inch diameter PVC pipe installed running right from the roof to the ground that consists of both solar and earthing wire.

Tip No. 4: Pick the Best Direction

It’s a good idea to get solar panels for your home, but you must place them carefully to ensure that they perform well. Face the solar panels towards the south for the best outcome since maximum sunlight is reflected upon the panels in this direction. North is the only direction that you should absolutely avoid.

Tip No. 5: Check the Strength of The Rooftop

The rooftop should be at least 6 inches deep since, along with the solar panels, solar stands are also installed. Therefore, it is essential to check the strength of the roof.

Tip No. 6: Test Run the Solar Panel

A final tip would be to switch the power on and test the newly installed solar panel system and perform a test run to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Solar Panel for Your Home

Aim for sustainable living and use renewable energy while you cut short your electricity expenses. Explore a wide range of solar panels by India’s most trusted brands like Luminous, supported by the Pan India service network. Choose solar panels according to your needs and requirements. For more assistance, seek help from a team of professionals who can assist you with the installation process anytime.

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