Five Unbelievable Facts About Casinos You Need To Know

Facts About Casinos

Casino games have considered being a part of British life for centuries. And now in the modern era, it is even easier to spin play a few hands all around the world. The world is full of different stories about Casino and Gambling. But how much do you really know? There are also some fun facts that are hardly believable. Go through the note and know about some interesting facts behind Casinos.

  1. Gambling Addicts Who Pee On The Floor

While this sounds like extreme behavior, some gamblers who are addicted to gambling opts to pee on the floor rather than leave the table for five minutes. This is a problem that gamblers encounter as a result of their addiction, according to addiction counselors. Some gamblers choose to either urinate then and there or wear adult diapers. Anyway, chances are not rare that you might end up sitting on a pee-soaked chair, as one person filed a complaint against in 2007.

  1. London Cab – The Smallest Casino In the World

Allegedly, the world’s smallest casino is in a cab in London. Opened in 2016 by Grosvenor Casino, this mobile casino is complete with a gaming table, dealer, internet gambling facilities as well as a bar. 

  1. World War Vet Won $25 Million 

Elmer Sherman is a World War II veeren who got extremely lucky at playing slots. In 1989, he won $4.6 million at the Mirage and his luck came multiplied when in 2005 he won a staggering $21.1 million at the Cannery. 

Facts About Casinos

  1. Is Las Vegas The Gambling Capital Of The World?

Nope! The city of Macau is! Macau casinos saw more revenue than Las Vegas five times in 2012. Also, unlike Vegas casinos which make money mostly through penny slots, 75% of the money made in Macau are from high rollers with huge bets at table games in V.I.P. rooms. However, interestingly, Macau is also the only Chinese territory where gambling in casinos is legal. 

  1. Showing Hands To The Cameras

Crimes are not absent in casinos. A common casino crime is dealers pocketing chips. Therefore, dealers are required dust or clasp their hands and show the palms to the cameras in order to confirm that they are not cheating.