Essential Winter Gear Every Michigander Needs

Did you know that the all-time coldest temperature ever recorded in Michigan was -51°F? Thankfully, the winters aren’t usually that extreme, but we still need to prepare our winter gear so we can stay warm all season long.

This post will serve as a winter clothing checklist! If you’re new to Michigan or another northern state, it will be especially helpful and teach you what to wear in winter! So, keep reading if you want to stay toasty!

Essential Winter Gear


Sweaters are a winter staple, essential for layering. For colder days, we recommend soft turtlenecks or thick sweaters for optimal warmth and comfort.

Even on warm days, it’s nice to have sweaters to throw over your long sleeve tee in the morning. As it warms up, all you need to do is remove a layer, and you’ll be perfectly comfortable.

Long Sleeve Tees

If you come from a warm climate, you’re probably used to wearing short tee shirts. However, in the winter these aren’t the best choice for layering. Long sleeves trap the warmth close to your body, preventing you from feeling chilly.


Most of us already have several pairs of jeans in our closet, but you’ll want to make sure the style you have is warm and works with your boots. Skinny jeans are ideal for tall boots, and baggier jeans look great with booties. We recommend having a few pairs of each!

Insulated Leggings

Most leggings are lightweight, which is ideal for working out. But in the winter, you’ll want to purchase insulated leggings so your legs are protected from the cold winter air. Layer them under sweaters or dresses, depending on your style.

Sweater Dresses

If you like to dress up but hate being cold, sweater dresses are the perfect solution. Wear them over a pair of leggings with your favorite boots. Plus, you can dress them up or down depending on the day.


Puffer coats are ideal for the winter, particularly long ones made of down feathers. This coat will keep you warm on snowy or windy days, making it well worth the investment. Plus, you really only need one if you purchase a neutral color, such as beige or black.

Wool coats are another winter staple and look great with your dressy outfits.

Tights and Wool Socks

If your feet are cold, you’ll be uncomfortable all day. That’s why wool socks and tights are among the most important winter wardrobe essentials. Choose your winter socks and tights carefully, such as these smartwool socks for women.

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

On especially cold days, complement your winter clothes with hats, gloves, and scarves. We recommend having several of each in your closet so they match any outfit. And, for especially frigid days, you may want to keep pocket warmers on hand.

Keep Warm with the Right Winter Gear

Essential Winter Gear

When you have proper cold weather gear, you can brave the winter even on the coldest days. This post will help you prepare your closet for the months to come and purchase any winter gear that you might be missing—save it so you can refer back to it!

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