Can Dermapen At Home Help Men In Reducing Their Skin Concerns?

All around the world, there are thousands upon thousands of men who suffer from all sorts of skin problems. Because of that, just like women, they feel unattractive. Their self-esteem is lower, and some of them hate to look in the mirror every single morning. This is a serious matter. From uneven skin tone to deep scars after an accident long time ago – let’s find out if microneedling devices can actually help with such issues.

Dermapen At Home

Mild facial disorders

If somebody plans to cure dark spots or uneven skin texture at home, microneedling tools can be very helpful indeed. A derma roller is often used in mild conditions, but it is very superficial and doesn’t deliver long term results like a skin pen. They both have tiny needles that penetrate skin tissue, yet Dr Pen USA best microneedling device can perform with different RPM settings and speed levels. In addition, it has removable needle cartridges that can be easily replaced. That means a teenager with uneven pigmentation can use the very same pen as his grandfather, who needs more power to reduce some facial wrinkles and perform a do-it-yourself skin rejuvenation procedure at home. This is enough to boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production that comes straight from the skin cells. These natural ingredients usually do the trick when it comes to mild disorders.

Heavy acne scarring

Severe skin damage and acne scars are something different, that’s true. But Dr. Pen original tools provide the ability to change the needle depth. That means, a set of fine and precise needles penetrate deeper levels of the skin. Add this property to the higher speed and RPM setting (Dr. Pen Ultima M8 device can work in 8000 – 15000 RPM), and you get a sophisticated cosmetic treatment usually associated with professional dermatology offices. Dermapen at home, therefore, can perform deeper treatments and give every man a fighting chance against more problematic skin condition.

Is dermapen at home painful?

The Dr Pen USA best microneedling device is not painful, unless it is used improperly. Although sensitive skin might encounter some discomfort, especially when more intense treatments are applied, it is nothing a numbing cream won’t be able to neutralize. Skin sensitivity can additionally be the cause of mild swelling or discoloration. A guy is creating microscopic injuries after all, so something like that is to be expected. But none of this – the pain and facial redness – should last for long. Positive skin care effects, however, will remain for at least a few weeks.

Always use original microneedling pens

Time to answer the question from the title of this article: yes, dermapen home treatments most definitely can help men in the fight against their skin problems. Young men can use a microneedling pen as well as the elders. Black, white, Asian and Eskimo. The Dr. Pen Auto Microneedle System is for everyone, and – as we can see – it covers all sorts of concerns, including stretch marks a man can have after a massive weight loss in a too short amount of time. But there is one thing to remember: buy microneedling products from Dr Pen UK official website.

Dermapen At Home

This is very important, actually. The thing is, there’s plenty of imitations out there that are not so efficient as Dr. Pen original skin needling devices. If someone decides to get himself a faulty product, he can even hurt himself and worsen the problem he wanted to deal with in the first place. Additionally, the unofficial retailer can’t provide the exclusive lifetime warranty all original microneedling tools are equipped with. Have that in mind, please, while making a purchase on the Internet.