Are Bed Rails for Kids and Toddlers Safe?

If you have children, then you already know that there is no scarier sound than that of your child falling out of their bed and thudding onto the ground. While it more than likely has not happened very often to you, when it does happen there is no scarier feeling.  Even if you feel that your child is perfectly fine and capable of sleeping in their own bed without using any type of bed rail, there is always a chance that you are wrong.  It is because of this that it is definitely better to be safe than sorry, even though it may be an additional expense and take some time to assemble.

Are Bed Rails for Kids and Toddlers Safe

If you are getting ready to make the transition from the crib to the toddler bed, you may want to seriously consider investing in a bed rail to help keep your little one nice and safe, and grow with them until they have proven that they no longer require them.  Here is everything that you need to know about bed rails for kids and toddlers, including if they are safe or not.

What Exactly is a Bed Rail?

A bed rail is going to be something that you can attach to your toddler’s bed (or that is going to sit very closely to it), in order to help prevent your child from falling out of their bed while they are sleeping.  They are normally going to be padded, soft, or made of mesh, allowing it to breath so it does not disrupt your little one’s sleeping in any way or potentially cause harm to them.  The entire point of a bed rail is to help keep your child in the bed while they toss, turn and roll around throughout the night.

Do You Need a Bed Rail?

The best time to move forwards with a bed rail is when you have decided that it is time to upgrade to a ‘big kid bed’.  In case you are wondering, this does not include the smaller pint sized bed that your crib turns into as it is already going to be very low to the ground and more than likely is going to come with a rail that is already built into the open side.

This big kid bed is going to be either a twin or a full-sized bed, and the first ‘real’ bed that your child will be sleeping in.  In fact, there are many parents who decide to just skip using a mini toddler bed as it is deemed as an additional expense that is simply not worth it.  Still, others opt to go for a larger queen-sized bed just so that they will not need to purchase another bed a little later down the road.  If this is something that you have thought about doing, a bed rail is going to be a necessity in order to help prevent your child from rolling off the bed.

The Different Types of Bed Rails

When it comes to buying a bed rail, there are going to be four different types that you can choose from.  Each type is going to have its own pros and cons, so be sure that you purchase one that it going to be best suited for your child’s needs.

rail style bed rail

The four different types of bed rails include:

  1. Swing down style bed rails

This type of bed rail is going to lock into an upright position while it is being used overnight.  When your child is not sleeping, the bed rail can be unlocked and will swing down out of the way so that your child will be able to get into and out of bed all by themselves.

  1. Fixed rail style bed rail

While this style of bed rail is going to look very similar to that of the swing down style, the main difference is that this one is going to be fixed into a single sturdy position, normally in the middle of the bed.  They will need to go around it to get in and out of bed.

  1. Bumper rail style bed rail

These are going to be large, long and have extra padding.  You can cover it with a fitted sheet which helps keep your child in the bed.

  1. Pool noodle bed rail

If you are on a tight budget, you can take a couple of pool noodles and attach them to the sides of your child’s bed.  While it may sound silly, pool noodles are a great option but you will need to keep in mind that they are not going to be as safe as any of the other bed rail styles.