The Brief And Only Aquarium Maintenance Guide You’ll Ever Need

Some people think fish is a low-maintenance pet, but those who know what aquarium maintenance involves will probably laugh at that idea.

While it’s true that some pet owners don’t invest in a tank, preferring to keep their fish in a bowl, they may not realize that it’s harming the health of their pets. As you may already know, fish bowls don’t support nitrogen cycling, proper pH, consistent temperature, and correct oxygen levels.

If you’re serious about keeping your fish happy and healthy, a well-maintained aquarium is your best bet. That said, let’s talk about the basics of aquarium maintenance.

Aquarium Maintenance

First Things First: Frequency of Aquarium Maintenance

You could spend your money on the best aquarium, but you might still kill your fish if you’re too eager to clean every surface of your tank every day. Not only is this impractical, but it’s also doing more harm than good, wiping out good bacteria and disrupting the nitrogen cycle.

It’s best to break down the maintenance tasks into daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and periodic categories. By doing so, you’ll make maintenance easier on yourself and your pet fish. This applies to all types of aquariums.

Under daily tasks, you’ll want to check the filter, lights, and other equipment. These should all be running normally. Next, check the temperature and do a visual check (e.g., count the fish, see if they’re healthy, etc.).

As for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance tasks for your home aquarium, be sure to change the water. Replace with same-temperature aged or treated water after cleaning the tank. You’ll also want to shake the plants to remove debris, which you’ll need to siphon off.

More on Maintaining Your Aquarium

Whether you have an acrylic or glass aquarium, you must do water testing every month. When you test your tank’s water, you need to note its pH. You also need to check the levels of the following parameters: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate.

The last one, in particular, is necessary if you’re worried about algae. You can find more information on algae control online or check out aquarium communities and forums.

At this point, you may also need to trim live plants and change filter media. Other tasks such as replacing light bulbs, fertilizing live plants, and cleaning tubing could also be monthly assignments, but you can also do these periodically.

Investing in Tank Maintenance Equipment

Now that you know which tasks you must do daily, weekly, and so on, let’s talk about what equipment you’ll need.

The good news is you don’t need a lot. If you have two buckets, a siphon, a scrubber, and a filter brush, you’re golden. Of course, don’t forget to buy some paper towels and a cleaner made for your aquarium.

If you’re aquascaping, get scissors for pruning plants and plant fertilizer.

You’ll Love Your E-fish-Ent Aquarium

Aquarium Maintenance

Now that you know what aquarium maintenance entails, are you excited about taking care of your fish and tank?

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